Monday, September 8, 2008, 7:00 – 11:00 PM
Assembly Chambers – Municipal Building
Regular Meeting No. 2008-27




A. Employee Recognition
B. West Douglas Working Group Status Report


A. August 25, 2008 – Regular Meeting 2008-25
B. September 2, 2008 – Special Meeting 2008-26


(Not to exceed a total of 20 minutes nor more than 5 minutes for any individual).


A. Public Requests for Consent Agenda Changes, Other Than Ordinances for Introduction

B. Assembly Requests for Consent Agenda Changes

C. Assembly Action

1. Ordinances for Introduction

a. Ordinance 2008-30
An Ordinance Adopting The 2008 Update To The Comprehensive Plan Of The City And Borough Of Juneau.

The Draft 2008 Comprehensive Plan of the City and Borough of Juneau is the result of more than two years of community outreach, fieldwork and public meetings. Extensive community outreach and involvement at the early stages of the planning process, the Housing Situation Report, and the buildable sites analysis, combine to form a solid foundation of public opinion and existing conditions upon which the draft plan was built.

There are four categories of changes to the Draft 2008 Plan from the Adopted 1995 Plan:

1. Organization. Changes include removing 1995 Implementing Actions that have been implemented, or modifying them to fit into the Plan as Development Guidelines or Standard Operating Procedures where appropriate.

2. Updates. Transitional areas on the Land Use Maps that have either had sewer services extended to them or that will have sewer services extended to them in the near future are now shown at the higher/denser land use designation. The Urban Service Area Boundary (USAB) has been revised to reflect current conditions in three locations: Auke Bay; Lemon Creek; and North Douglas.

Components of the Plan have also been updated to include changes to stream setbacks on CBJ-owned properties; the Loop Road through Lemon Creek has been modified to be two separate access roads; the Community Preferred Alternative for the North Douglas Crossing is shown on the maps; the Housing section has been updated; there is a new chapter on Sustainability; and the Energy chapter has been updated.

3. Corrections. Errors in the 1995 Plan have been corrected wherever they were found.

4. New Directions. The Draft Comprehensive Plan calls for increasing transit service in the CBJ, especially within the USAB, in order to facilitate the development of a denser, more walkable, transit-oriented community. The Plan calls for adopting overlay districts that promote the development of affordable housing on transit routes.

Although there are numerous changes to the draft plan as compared to the 1995 Comprehensive Plan, there are four major themes to the substantial changes: Sustainability (Chapter 2), Energy (Chapter 6), Housing (Chapter 4), and Transit Oriented Development (Chapters 8 & 10).

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the Draft Plan on August 12, 2008 and passed a motion recommending approval. The Assembly Committee of the Whole reviewed the Plan on September 2, 2008, and will review it further at a September 11, 2008 meeting.

I recommend this ordinance be introduced and referred to the Committee of the Whole.

b. Ordinance 2008-15(S)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $88,367 As Partial Funding For The Emergency Management Program, Grant Funding Provided By The Department Of Military And Veteran’s Affairs.

This ordinance would appropriate $88,367 for the Emergency Management Programs Grant. These grant funds are a 50% match federally designated to support the functions of local emergency management programs. The funds being appropriated will reimburse the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) for 50% of the cost of salaries associated with emergency management activities including the salaries for CBJ staff working on avalanche forecasting, disaster preparedness education, and emergency plan revisions.

I recommend this ordinance be introduced and referred and set for public hearing at the next regular meeting.

2. Resolutions

a. Resolution 2420(c)
A Resolution Dissolving The CBJ International Relations Advisory Committee, And Repealing Resolution 1986

HRC Minutes.

The original Sister Cities Committee was established with the adoption of Resolution 362 on March 4, 1976. The work of the committee expanded and on February 6, 1989, the Assembly adopted resolution 1362 establishing the Juneau International Relations Advisory Committee (JIRAC) and dissolving the Sister Cities Committee. For many years, the original Sister Cities Committee and then the JIRAC had very active membership fostering the creation of sister city relationships in the Philippines, Russia, Canada, and China.

Over the past few years, the JIRAC, a nine-member committee, has gone through such high turnover in its membership and has not been able to hold meetings due to the frequent inability to establish a quorum. The Assembly Human Resources Committee (HRC) has been reviewing this committee and its responsibilities over the past year. Version (c) of the resolution incorporates the changes the HRC recommended at its August 11, 2008 meeting which primarily reduces the committee to a three-member body, serving staggered three-year terms, and narrowing the committee’s focus to concentrate on continuing to foster with Juneau’s sister cities.

I recommend this resolution be adopted.

b. Resolution 2449
A Resolution Adopting The National Incident Management System (NIMS) As The Basis For All Incident Management In The City And Borough Of Juneau

This resolution adopts the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and directs that it be utilized for responding to emergencies in the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ). NIMS evolved from a Presidential Directive issued in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001. The goal of NIMS is to ensure a coordinated response by everyone involved. The core of NIMS is use of the Incident Command System or ICS. ICS provides an expandable framework within which individuals have specific assignments. The idea is to increase efficiency, reduce duplication of efforts, and streamline emergency response. NIMS also directs the typing of resources so that an agency in one state requesting an equipment or personnel asset from another state gets a resource that meets the need the requesting state is attempting to fill. Resource typing specifies the size, number, and capabilities of equipment as well as the training, experience, and number of team members for personnel. Finally, NIMS requires localities to assess their compliance with federal requirements, inventory their resources, and report this information to the states, which then reports to the federal government.

In order to continue to receive federal funding for homeland security-related activities, all local government entities must be “NIMS-compliant”. This resolution is a necessary step in the process of becoming compliant.

I recommend this resolution be adopted.


A. Ordinance 2008-26(b)
An Ordinance Amending The Boundaries Limiting Motorized Vessel Use On Auke Lake.


This ordinance would amend the boundaries previously recorded that limit motorized vessel use on Auke Lake. This ordinance reflects recommendations reached through collaborative neighborhood efforts to delineate agreed-upon boundaries using updated GPS field information pertaining to the Auke Lake Motorized Use Map. Amendments to the north and east motorized use boundaries have been drafted. At the mid-point of the north boundary, a break in the line is proposed. The break will cause the no-wake zone to extend approximately 620 feet further down the east shore. In addition, the floating walkways for the Auke Lake Trail have been installed in the 100’ buffer along the east shore, identified as a “no motorized use” area. To provide adequate separation of infrastructure and motorized wakes, the buffer is proposed to expand to 150’ in the southeast corner of the lake.

There is a map in the packet that lists the GPS coordinates for the boundaries. These coordinates have also been incorporated into version (b) of the ordinance.

The Lands Committee, at its July 7, 2008 meeting, recommended this item be forwarded to the Assembly for approval.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

B. Ordinance 2008-28
An Ordinance Amending The Woodsmoke Control Program Regarding Solid Fuel-Fired Burning Devices.


In September 2006, EPA finalized a new health standard for Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5). In the Mendenhall Valley, some daily concentrations of PM2.5 have been within 85%-100% of the new health standard. Amending the CBJ wood smoke control program to protect against violations of the PM2.5 health standard has been recommended for consideration by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). In response, an amendment to Chapter 36.40, Solid Fuel-Fired Burning Devices, was presented to the Lands Committee in 2007. The proposed amendments expand the focus of the CBJ wood smoke control program from PM10, to include PM2.5. The control program has successfully regulated PM10 violations since 1985.

The Lands Committee asked ADEC and CBJ staff to conduct public meetings to discuss the issue, and to present the proposed amendments. These meetings took place in June 2007. Several changes were made to the draft ordinance, including an exception for masonry heaters. The Lands Committee also requested that CBJ seek to obtain air quality monitoring in alternate valley locations for comparison with the Floyd Dryden monitoring data. Monitoring information was collected for a limited period at Dimond Park in March 2008. This data generally matched the pattern and trends of the Floyd Dryden site. In addition, ADEC performed a telephone survey of home heating practices in the Mendenhall Valley in mid-March (last performed in May 2004), which identified a 33% increase in the number of households reporting a woodstove and an 11% increase in the volume of wood consumed per household.

The Mendenhall Valley maintenance area extends from the northern boundary of the Juneau Airport north through the Valley to the southern edge of the Mendenhall Glacier near Nugget Creek. A map depicting the boundaries is included in the packet. This ordinance affects all solid fuel- fired burning devices except pellet stoves and masonry heaters.

The Lands Committee, at its June 16, 2008 meeting, recommended this item be forwarded to the Assembly for approval.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

C. Ordinance 2008-29
An Ordinance Authorizing The Manager To Negotiate And Execute A Lease With The State Of Alaska Of A Portion Of The Property Commonly Known As Telephone Hill; To Negotiate And Execute An Amendment To The Cooperative Use Agreement With The State Of Alaska Regarding The Property; And To Undertake The Steps Necessary For The City And Borough To Acquire Fee Simple Title To The Leased Property; All For The Purpose Of Facilitating The Construction And Operation Of A City And Borough Parking Garage And Transit Facility.


Staff from both the Manager’s Office and the Law Department have been engaged in discussions with representatives from the State of Alaska over the past 11 months in an effort to negotiate a land use agreement for the purpose of constructing a new downtown transportation center. This ordinance, if adopted, would authorize the Manager to finalize negotiations and execute a long-term lease for use of the property along with necessary changes to the existing cooperative use agreement. In addition, the Manager would initiate the process with the State to acquire permanent title to the leased property.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

D. Ordinance 2008-15(J)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $11,876 As Partial Funding For Development Of A Juneau Historic Preservation Database, Grant Funding Provided By The State Of Alaska, Department Of Natural Resources.

Economic Impact Note

The Historic Preservation Database – Phase I, is the first unified effort between the Community Development Department (CDD) and the Juneau-Douglas City Museum to provide an on-line searchable database for CBJ. The proposed project would include the development of a web-based database that would house the combined records from CDD’s library of historic resource surveys with building-related archival material from the City Museum.

The work of the project will be performed through the combined efforts of the contracted consultant and the CBJ Webmaster, intern, and Project Manager. Total project costs are anticipated to be $19,793. Salaries from the City Museum, Library, and CDD operating budget will provide the 40% match requirement. Total project costs include a 10% State administrative surcharge.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

E. Ordinance 2008-15(N)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $725,000 As Partial Funding For The Bartlett Regional Hospital Orthopedic Unit Capital Improvement Project, Funding Provided By The Bartlett Regional Hospital Operating Budget.

Economic Impact Note

This ordinance would appropriate $725,000 to partially fund the new Bartlett Regional Hospital Orthopedic Unit Capital Improvement Project (CIP). Funding will be provided by the Bartlett Regional Hospital Capital Project budget, funded by operations.

The Bartlett Hospital Board recommended this appropriation at its July 22, 2008 meeting.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

F. Ordinance 2008-15(O)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $1,503,577 As Partial Funding For The Thunder Mountain High School Capital Improvement Project, Funding Provided By 2006 General Obligation Bond Interest Income.

Economic Impact Note

This ordinance would appropriate unbudgeted School General Obligation Bond interest income to the Thunder Mountain High School CIP (454-83).

Funds would be provided by the following:

2006 GO School Bond Interest Income from the Thunder Mountain High School CIP (454-83)

As of June 30, 2008, the Thunder Mountain High School CIP fund had accrued $1,503,577 in unbudgeted General Obligation bond interest income. Although these funds have not been appropriated to the project, they are required to complete purchase of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) and to maintain prudent contingencies as the project nears completion.

The Final Design Report for the New High School in the Mendenhall Valley, dated January 2006, included a budget that assumed use of all interest from within the high school project. This Final Design Report was approved by the Project Team on January 26, 2006.

Due to a significant change in the funding amount from the ordinance that was originally introduced, I recommend this ordinance be pulled and referred back to the School District Facilities Committee and Project Team for review.

G. Ordinance 2008-15(P)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $1,719,269 As Funding For The Replacement Of Buses And Vans For Capital Transit And Care-A-Van, Grant Funding Provided By Alaska Department Of Transportation And Public Facilities, And By Fleet Fund Balance.

Economic Impact Note

This ordinance would appropriate $1,719,269 for the replacement of buses and vans for Capital Transit and Care-A-Van. Grant funding in the amount of $1,547,432 is provided by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. The remaining $171,837 will be funded from Fleet Fund Balance.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.

H. Ordinance 2008-15(Q)
An Ordinance Appropriating To The Manager The Sum Of $148,764 As Funding For Youth Forest And Trails Training Program, Grant Funding Provided By The Federal Secure Rural Schools And Self Determination Act Of 2000 Title III Funds.

This ordinance would appropriate $148,764 of Title III, National Forest Timber Receipts, Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000, Public Law 106-393.

The proposal addresses a need for forest education within the CBJ, while also providing opportunities to enhance the recreational experiences of Juneau’s forest and trail users. The project would be administered by CBJ Parks and Recreation Department, in cooperation with Trail Mix.

I recommend this ordinance be adopted.





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B. Committee Reports
C. Liaison Reports
D. Presiding Officer Reports





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