Monday, May 7, 2007 6:00 p.m.
Assembly Chambers – Municipal Building
Special Meeting No. 2007-13

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Rod Swope
City & Borough Manager




A. April 23, 2007 – Regular Assembly Meeting 2007-10
B. April 25, 2007 - Special Assembly Meeting 2007-11
C. April 30, 2007 – Special Assembly Meeting 2007-12


A. Ordinance 2006-11(AU)
An Ordinance Appropriating to the Manager the Sum of $22,340 as Funding for the Teen Health Center Needs Analysis and Program Development, Funding Provided by the Reuben E. Crossett Endowed Alaskan Fund.

The Teen Health Center staff applied for and received a grant to analyze how Teen Health services will be provided at both the Juneau Douglas High School and Thunder Mountain High School. The Teen Health Center is a coalition of Juneau community organizations, who through a collaborative process provide school based health services for the students of Juneau Douglas High School. The Teen Health Center Advisory Board has identified the opening of the new high school as an opportunity to undertake a comprehensive review of the current structure, services and needs of the students. The first meeting will be May 23rd with work to be completed by the end of the 2007-2008 school year.

I recommend this ordinance be introduced and set for public hearing at a special Assembly meeting to be held May 16, 2007, immediately preceding the Finance Committee Meeting.


A. Ordinance 2007-31 
An Ordinance Relating to Motorized Uses on Auke Lake, and Providing for a Penalty

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This ordinance designates motorized uses on Auke Lake. The ordinance establishes days and hours of operation for motorized use; prohibited areas of operation; restrictions on wake, refueling, and vessel size; and a fine schedule for offenses. Comments on the proposed ordinance have been solicited from DNR, NOAA, UAS, Friends of Auke Lake, and representatives for motorized use.

In 1996 the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee formed a task force of interested parties to draft a set of recommendations in response to concerns over the use and management of Auke Lake. The task force was made up of representatives from the concerned user groups who determined that their package of recommendations offered the best solution for the largest number of concerned parties.

Shortly thereafter, CBJ applied for grant funding to conduct a study to identify the carrying capacity of the lake, both for non-motorized and motorized uses. The study was intended to facilitate an interagency management plan for the lake. CBJ also applied to permit and relocate the launch ramp, near the northern point of the wayside. CBJ withdrew these grant and permit applications in response to agency concerns regarding the location of the launch ramp, and whether Auke Creek salmon habitat would be sufficiently protected with motorized use. An informal neighborhood group followed up on the task force recommendations with self implemented strategies to make the area safer and accommodate all the different lake uses, including shoreline boundary markers for the no-wake zone, a motorized use area, and some signage.

In April 2006, the Assembly received a request from the Friends of Auke Lake to consider restrictions on motorized watercraft. In June 2006, the Lands Committee received testimony from representatives for motorized and non-motorized use, as well as DNR, DEC, NOAA, UAF, and UAS staff. In August 2006, the Lands Committee directed staff to incorporate the main points of the 1996 task force recommendations into a draft ordinance, designating motorized uses on Auke Lake. Recognizing that a package of actions are required to adequately address the identified concerns, staff was also directed to move forward in other areas, including: assisting NOAA with Auke Lake water quality sampling, coordinating with NOAA for a summer 2007 Auke Lake user study, generating a master plan and cost estimate for improvements to the wayside parking area, and investigating funding sources for improvements to the wayside.

At the April 9, 2007 Lands Committee meeting the draft ordinance was amended to prohibit motorized use on Sundays and Mondays, and to include an October 1, 2007 sunset clause for the ordinance. If adopted by the Assembly, the ordinance would take effect in 30 days.

Staff was also requested to update the Lands Committee on funding for a basic launch ramp as soon as the lake thaws and a refined design and cost estimate can be prepared. Currently motorized and non-motorized users access the lake at an informal point in Auke Creek. The access point is in the former bridge alignment for Glacier Highway. Starting in August 2007, UAS will construct a pedestrian bridge in this Auke Creek access alignment, linking the UAS campus to the wayside and future east trail corridor. Construction of a basic, but formal, launch facility in the Auke Lake wayside will be needed for continued motorized and non-motorized lake access, and to address concerns for Auke Creek salmon habitat.

As this is a policy decision of the Assembly, I have no recommendation.






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