Monday, May 7, 2007 6:00 p.m.
Assembly Chambers – Municipal Building
Special Meeting No. 2007-13


A. Ordinance 2007-31 
An Ordinance Relating to Motorized Uses on Auke Lake, and Providing for a Penalty

ORDINANCE 2007-31 PACKET MATERIALS LIST (click on each document name below to go open the packet item in .pdf format - these documents use Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the program for free by clicking on the Adobe link found in menu to the left.)

Section I.

A. April 4, 2007 Memo from Heather Marlow to Lands Committee with background and discussion on water quality, user study, improvements to the wayside
B. November 24, 2006 Letter of Support from DNR for the Ordinance
C. Auke Bay Laboratory, National Marine Fisheries Service: S.D. Rice, L. Holland, & A. Moles study on Auke Lake water quality
D. January 18, 2007 Wayside Conceptual Plan: Map with Engineer’s Estimate
E. April 4, 2007 Memo from Parks & Recreation Director Marc Matsil re: Wayside Draft Master Plan with Phasing Recommendation
F. Aerial Map of Auke Lake Improvements

Section II.

A. June 1, 2006 Lands Committee Minutes with testimony from DNR, UAS, & NOAA
B. June 1, 2006 UAS Letter re: Usage of Auke Lake
C. June 1, 2006 Discussion Points from NOAA, Phil Mundy, Director
D. Physiological Changes in Prickly Sculpin Inhabiting a Lake Used by Jet-Propelled Watercraft; A. Moles, G.D. Marty
E. June 1, 2006 letter from Personal Watercraft Club of Alaska (PWCA)
F. October 25, 2006 Letter from the American Watercraft Association (AWA) Executive Director Christopher Manthos
G. January 2006 Report by Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA)
H. International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA)/PWC Code of Ethics

Section III.

A. June 19, 2006 Lands Committee Minutes with testimony from DNR, & UAS
B. June 16, 2006 DEC Status of Water Quality in Auke Lake, presented by Drew Grant & Jeff Hock at June 19, 2006 Lands Committee Meeting
C. July 1993 Juneau Streams Water Quality Study
D. June 19, 2006 Letter from UAF with List of Scientific Studies Performed Onsite by UA Fisheries Students and Faculty
E. June 14, 1996 Memo to Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee with Recommendations from Auke Lake Task Force with Map

Section IV.

A. May 1, 2007 Letter from Barbara Coate with photos
B. May 1, 2007 Letter from Juneau Audubon Society, Steven Zimmerman
C. May 1, 2007 Letter from Ron Flint
D. May 1, 2007 Letter from Auke Lake For All (ALFA)
E. May 2, 2007 Letter to the Editor from Angela Miller
F. May 25, 2006 Letter from Karleen Grummett re: Residents “Point of View”