City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska
Assembly Packet - Regular Meeting No. 2001-03
February 5, 2001, 7pm, Assembly Chambers

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Agenda-Manager's Report, 2/5/2001 - Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2001-03

Approval of Minutes
DRAFT Minutes 1/22/2001 - Regular Assembly Meeting No. 2001-02

Consent Agenda

Ordinances for Introduction
Ordinance No. 2001-04 -- Amending Sales Tax Code to Require Remittance Under Protest of Disputed Taxes, Penalty and Interest as a Condition of Filing or Maintaining an Appeal.

Ordinance No. 2001-05 -- Creating Local Improvement District No. 87 of the CBJ for Purpose of Reconstructing Roadbed and Constructing New Pavement, Curb, Gutter, Sidewalks and Underground Storm Drain on Great Western Street, West Juneau, at an Estimated Cost of $368,000, of which $81,600 is to be Borne by the Properties Specially Benefited.

Ordinance No. 2001-06 -- Amending the Assessment code to Assess Business persnal Property Taxes Against Property Having a Tax Situs in Juneau and in Another Jurisdiction, and Providing for a Reduced Assessment in Such Cases.

Ordinance 2000-11(AG) -- Appropriating $75,000 as Partial Fundng for the Marine Park Traffic Circle Project.  Such Funds Provided by Wastewater Utility Available Resources.

Resolution 2071 -- Repealing Resolution 2033 and Reestablishing the Youth Activities Board for the Purpose of Extending the Sunset Date.

Resolution 2073 -- Urging Merchants and Consumers to Support Southeast Alaska Salmon Products.

Resolution 2075 -- Authorizing the Participation of the Elected Officials of the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska in the Public Employees Retirement System of Alaska and the Payment of the Required Premiums, Pursuant to AS39.35 Et. Seq.

Resolution 2076 -- Accepting FY2001 Capital Matching Grants Which Were Repealed and Reappropriated by the Alaska Legislature and Governor.

Resolution 2077 -- Urging the Alaska Legislature to Provide for Effective Local Protest of Pull-Tab Licenses and to Require Licensing of Pull-Tab Employees.

Resolution 2078 -- Naming Amalga Meadows Park

Resolution 2079 -- Calling for Support of a Southeast Alaska Trail System

Transfer Requests
T-702 -- Transferring $9,672 from the Twin Lakes Fishing Dock to the ADA Compliance Fund CIP Project.

T-703 -- Transferring $450,000 of Passenger Fee Proceeds from the Visitor's Center/Waterfront Shelter Project to the Marine Park Traffic Circle Project.

T-704 -- Transferring $150,000 of Temporary 1% Sales Tax Proceeds from Harbors Areawide Restrooms Construction Project to Statter Harbor Parking and Pedestrian Project

Bid Awards
Contract No. E01-119, J-D Waste Water Treatment Plant CO Monitor and Mendenhall Valley WWTP Blower
Contract No. E01-052, Bartlett Reg. Hosp. Chilled Water Piping (there is no link, documents will be distributed Monday night at the meeting)

Liquor License Review
Beverage Dispensary -- Summit/Inn at the Waterfront - License #1092
Restaurant/Eating Place -- El Sombrero Mexican and American Restaurant - License #0816
Restaurant/Eating Place -- Jovany's Italian Restaurant - License #1384

Public Hearing
Ordinance No. 2001-01 -- Amend Land Use Code to Change Membership and Duties of Historic District Advisory Committee

Ordinance No. 2001-03 -- Amend Official Zoning Map - 9151 James Blvd. from D-18 Multifamily to LC Light Commercial

Staff Reports
Fund Balance

Assembly Reports
Committee Pending List