Juneau's Draft Tourism Management Plan, March 2002

Below is a download of the entire Juneau Draft Tourism Management Plan and separate downloads for each of the different elements of the report. These documents are offered as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. To read these, you will need Adobe Reader. You can obtain the FREE Adobe Reader by clicking [here]. For more information about access to PDF files for the visually disabled, click [here].

We encourage you to read the report online or at the CBJ Manager's Office, University of Alaska Southeast Library, and all CBJ Libraries. As of 5:00pm, April 2nd, you can obtain you own copy of the plan at the City Manager's Office and the Valley Library. One copy per household, please. After reading the report, please let your thoughts be known by participating in the web polling which commences at 7:00am on April 8th.

Draft Tourism Management Plan by Sections:

IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau
Office of the City Manager--Tourism Issues