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Activity 1 - Inception

Activity 2 - Review Planning/Tourism Documents

Activity 3 - Lessons Learned Elsewhere

Activity 4 - Juneau Stakeholders

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Activity 7 - Public Consultation
Activity 8 - Technical Review
Activity 9 - Develop Tourism Management Plan and Policy/Program Solutions to Issues
Activity 10 - Prepare Draft Tourism Management Plan
Activity 11 - Review with CBJ and Agree on final Adjustments
Activity 12 - Prepare Final Tourism Management Plan and Strategy
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Web Polling

Egret Communications, CBJ's contractor for tourism planning and will be using web polling techniques to survey Juneau to obtain information important to the tourism planning process.

Each survey will be conducted over a period of several days. The responses from each round of voter surveys will be recorded, by precinct and combined. Then the results will be posted at and Upcoming polling schedules are as follows:

Poll Polls Open Polls Close Posting Date
Poll 1

7 am October 27

7 am November 1

November 2

Poll 2 7 am November 3 7 am November 8 November 8
Poll 3 7 am November 10 7 am November 16 November 20
Poll 4 7 am April 8 7 am April 15 To Be Announced
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This polling process has been undertaken to see past the public discussions regarding tourism-related issues and to take the pulse of the community. You can help by encouraging everyone you know to participate in the polling process.

Thank you.