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Juneau Tourism Management Plan

Activity 8 - Technical Review of Alternative Tourism Futures

This technical review will build on the results of several study process inputs to develop a comprehensive description of alternative tourism futures for Juneau. These include:

  • The review outcomes of the client workshop (Activity 6) on the Working Paper on Alternative Futures and Issues;
  • The web site poll (Activity 7.1)
  • The initial open house sessions (Activity 7.2)

We anticipate developing three alternative tourism future scenarios. Each will be structured to reflect the range of futures available to Juneau. The analysis will emphasize impacts and implications for Juneau and facilitate comparison between alternatives. It will include a constraints and legal analysis for each alternative, the latter conducted with appropriate CBJ and State, Federal representatives as indicated in Addendum One of the RFP. In the benefits and impacts analysis, we will rely on consultation, agency expertise and data and available secondary data from other studies. The alternative futures will be developed in an easy to read format to facilitate stakeholder and public review.

Once the scenarios are developed in draft form, they will be reviewed with the client study manager and key stakeholders in Activity 8.1 prior to proceeding to public review in Public Consultation Activity 7.3. Adjustments and modifications will be made as necessary to refine the alternatives analysis and strengthen the material to be presented to the public.

The public review will yield input on preferences for tourism and issues for tourism management that may need refinement and/or may not have been considered in the alternative futures analysis. These will be documented in a brief working paper in Activity 8.2 along with conclusions concerning preferences for an alternative or combination of alternatives and reviewed with the client and key stakeholders in Activity 8.3. The working paper will be published on the web site as will the results of Activity 8.3. We expect that this will generate additional public input that will need to be addressed in the remainder of the process.

The client review will take the form of a half day workshop. At the conclusion of Activity 8.3, we will, with the client, select the preferred alternative (or combination) to carry forward.

Status: To begin in August, 2001 and conclude after input from second public session.