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Activity 7 - Public Consultation

The public consultation program has been designed to provide continuous access to the project process through the web site and direct interaction with the project team at strategic points to generate ideas and comments and review intermediate deliverables.

Activity 7.1: Initial Web Site Poll. The first rounds of web polling will be designed to find commonly held positions among the residents of Juneau. This will enable the planning process to cut through the rhetoric and to proceed from views, positions, and goals held by significant portions of the local population. This information will be input into the technical review of Alternative Tourism Futures (Activity 8) and posted on the project website.

Activity 7.2: First Public Session. This session will be conducted as an open house. The public will learn about our team, and the relevant experience we bring to this project. The session will highlight the project, how it will proceed, how public input fits into the planning process, and what kinds of outcomes to expect. We will highlight the lessons that can be learned from the experiences other destinations have had with cruise tourism, rapid tourism development, and issues of scale. We'll showcase the results of the first rounds of polling (Activity 7.1) to show how we have valid understanding of Juneau issues that will be used in the planning process. This session will not include mechanisms for venting and public posturing, but will include opportunities for individuals to have conversations with team members.

Activity 7.3: Second Public Session - Options and Tools Review. This session will enable the team to present analysis of alternatives and issues facing the management of tourism in Juneau, to review the tools available (and note those which are not) to manage tourism growth and impacts, to review the impacts of tourism (both positive and negative) on the Juneau community, and to discuss project next steps. The results of second rounds of polling will also be highlighted, demonstrating that public input is constantly a basis for project decisions. The session will be conducted as a presentation, followed by a public comment period. The comment period will be managed to limit comment length and to avoid rebuttals, and to steer discussion toward useful input. Many of the comments will generate responses from our team members - either as an answer to a question or an explanation of how we reached a conclusion. We will not engage in an argument between podiums.

Activity 7.4: Third Public Session - Review of Preliminary Tourism Management Planning and Policy/Program Solutions. This session will highlight the basic plans to manage tourism, its impacts and growth. We will also discuss policies and program solutions to tourism issues facing Juneau. Our team will make extensive use of charts and graphs and audiovisual techniques to outline the plan and its implications for Juneau citizens, businesses, and the tourism industry. We'll compare the outcomes that Juneau polling indicate are desired by large sector of Juneau citizenry, and show how the plan will help produce those outcomes. We anticipate that this session will entail a significant public presentation phase, and an equally significant phase for public comment. Again, the public comment phase will be structured to limit length of comment, avoid rebuttal, and focus on issues. The comments will be carefully facilitated, with strict control over time at podium, focus of responses, and appropriate tenor. Again, our team will respond to questions, as appropriate. Public comment may yield some important input that will be incorporated in revisions to the draft plan and will most assuredly provide the mechanisms for venting and public posturing.

Activity 7.5 - Review of Draft Tourism Plan. This will be the final chance for the community to see how the planning process has progressed, where it has led, and how the plan can be used to enable Juneau to shape its future. This will be an opportunity for the team to showcase how public input has been integrated into the planning process - and a last opportunity for the public to provide meaningful input. This session will be formatted as an open house, with periodic presentations, opportunities for community members to have one-on-one time with team members, and a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the project. Key public officials and stakeholders will be invited to play significant roles in this session, probably in the form of panel discussions. It will be important for this session to demonstrate to the public that this planning process will yield actions - and also important that the leaders are aware that this plan has incorporated a great deal of public input and ownership. Input taken in this session will be used to make adjustments to the plan (Activity 11).

Status: To begin in August, 2001 - First Public Session is Scheduled for October 4, 2001