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Activity 2 - Review Planning/Tourism Documents

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Juneau Tourism Management Plan

Activity 2 - Review Planning/Tourism Documents

This review will focus on an analysis of previous planning efforts and plans in terms of the following areas of inquiry essential for an effective tourism management plan:

  1. The vision for tourism;
  2. The expectations in terms of tourism benefits from the sector covering such areas as contribution to quality of life, meaningful participation in the tourism sector (e.g., in terms of business creation), contribution to cultural and heritage values, etc.;
  3. Tourism sector policies;
  4. Tourism sector programs and initiatives;
  5. Tourism sector issues to which management plan policies, programs and initiatives respond;
  6. Unresolved tourism sector issues;
  7. Progress on tourism sector issues resolution; and
  8. Community acceptance of tourism.

The review will conclude with an assessment of the key alternatives for tourism futures documented throughout the last several years for Juneau, tourism issues that must be carried forward into this planning process, and guidance for the tourism sector status analysis to be conducted in Activity 2.1.

In this activity, we will develop a comprehensive profile of the status of tourism, historical trends, and likely futures in the absence of any additional intervention in the sector beyond that now in place.

Status: To be concluded by July 19, 2001. Further input will be included in later stages.