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Long Range Tourism Management Plan

Collaboration Juneau

Formed in the spring of 2003, Collaboration Juneau, Inc. (CJI) was a community-based collaboration group whose goal was to recommend to the City and Borough of Juneau solutions to tourism impacts and concerns and methods of long-term management of the opportunities presented by tourism in Juneau. CJI was funded by grants from the City and Borough of Juneau, the U.S. Forest Service and several private contributors.  CJI formally disbanded at the beginning of 2008.  An archive of their work can be found here.

In the spring of 2001, the CBJ contracted with an outside firm to help craft a plan to guide tourism growth in Juneau. The contractor used information gathered from existing studies, stakeholder and industry meetings, and other sources. In part because of the highly charged history of tourism issues in Juneau, city staff spent considerable time working to ensure the planning process provided ample opportunity for public participation. In addition to traditional public meetings, the contractor, Egret Communications, used web polls to find out what you wanted for the future of Juneau. Now, the Draft Tourism Management Plan is completed and the fourth round of web polling has been completed.

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