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Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy

In February 2018, the CBJ Assembly adopted the

Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy through Resolution

(Res. 2808).    Building from the community values and

Assembly direction reflected in the Juneau Climate

Action Plan (2011), CBJ Comprehensive Plan (2013),

and the Juneau Economic Plan (2015), JCOS has

developed the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy to

be a strategic path toward a resilient, lower-cost,

renewable energy future for Juneau.  Since its adoption,

JCOS has worked with AEL&P and has made some

technical corrections to background information on

the Juneau electricity system. 

To read the Strategy, click on the cover, below.

The energy strategy document benefited from extensive

community review and public comment. During 2016,

JCOS solicited comments on the draft plan and received

over 120 comments from individuals and 7 comments from

organizations. In response to specific concerns, JCOS met

with the Cruise Line Industry Association and the Juneau

Chamber of Commerce. As a result, JCOS modified the

final document before it was presented to the Assembly to

reflect important and useful information. 

To read the public comments, click on the cover, below.

Draft Energy Plan
Public Comments on Energy Plan

To read the version of Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy document that was reviewed by the Assembly during the

adoption process (showing the text to be replaced as strikethroughs), CLICK HERE.


This strategic plan originated as a priority recommendation in the Juneau Climate Action and Implementation Plan

(CBJ Resolution 2593, Nov. 2011). In 2015 the CBJ contracted with the energy consulting firm Stantec to develop an initial

draft of this strategy which was completed in 2016. The Energy Committee of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability

(JCOS) served as a sounding board, and assisted CBJ staff in reviewing and revising the draft. JCOS also assisted in

conducting an extensive public review process between July 2016 and January 2017.


The purpose of the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy document is to define goals for Juneau’s energy future, focusing

on more efficient use of existing capacity and new energy supplies, and to develop strategies and policies for achieving

these goals. This report is the first step in that process, providing the background information and framework needed to

take the next steps.


CBJ and the Juneau Commission on Sustainability solicited public feedback during the drafting of the strategic plan.

Compiled comments can be accessed, above. Respondents include: Alaska Electric Light & Power Co., Juneau

Hydropower, Juneau Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Interfaith Power & Light, Alaska Native Brotherhood Camp #70,

Cruise Lines International Association Alaska, CBJ Docks & Harbors Department, Alaska CAN!, and many individual

community members.