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Wild Foods

1. Wild Edible Plants

Wild Edible Plants in Alaska & North America:  Basic guidelines for gathering wild edibles, and descriptions of 13 commonly available to Alaskans.

Wild Edible and Poisonous Plants of AlaskaThis guidebook lists hundreds of Alaska plant species and many of their characteristics. Concentrating on indigenous plants that are edible or poisonous, the guide includes color photos, plant preparations, historical uses, traditional uses and other helpful information. Whether you’re seeking safety outdoors or trying to get the most out of harvested native plants, this guide is invaluable for understanding the wild edible and poisonous plants of Alaska.

2. Fishing

ADF&G Fishing Information 

Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations

3.  Hunting

ADF&G Hunting, Trapping and Shooting Information     

Hunting Regulations: