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What Grows In Juneau

Some crops that do well in Juneau:

Potatoes:  ... practically foolproof. You are almost guaranteed a crop, regardless of the weather. Pests don’t bother them and they require little care. Harvesting is a bit like checking your stocking Christmas morning; you don’t know for sure what’s there.

Root Vegetables:  Carrots, beets, turnips, rutabagas all have similar culture, and as long as the soil is reasonably drained and not acidic, they will do well.

Lettuce:  Leaf lettuce grows quickly and likes our cool weather. Plant a short row every two weeks and you will have a continuous supply through the summer.

Kale:  It loves our weather, grows easily, and doesn’t seem to attract pests. It is excellent nutritionally and you can keep harvesting the outer leaves and let it grow. Red Russian is an excellent variety here, but experiment.

Cole crops:  All of the cabbage family vegetables do well here, but they are subject to root maggots and you would do well to cover them with remay (also called “floating row cover”) for the first part of the season. Always choose early varieties.

Garlic:  Garlic is normally planted in the fall... it grows very well here and pests don’t bother it. It is a special treat to cook with your own garlic. The hardneck varieties are recommended for their keeping qualities.

Rhubarb:  Another basic in this area. If you like it, you can grow all you can use with almost no effort.

Zucchini:  The summer squash usually like warmth, but under plastic they do well with our long days. ... they have a tendency to rot at the flower end, so remove the flowers as soon as the fruit sets.

From:  Juneau Community Garden

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