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Food Security

Juneau’s food supply is vulnerable to rising fuel costs as well as potential longshoreman’s strikes or natural disasters that might delay barges or airplanes. We also don’t have many large storage facilities, so we can’t keep extra food supplies in town.

A.  Food Security and Emergency Preparedness:  This Cooperative Extension site lists links and publications that can help you become better prepared to take care of yourself and your family in the event of a disaster or interruption of supplies to Alaska. 

B.  Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Public Preparedness:  This Alaska Department of Health and Social Services site provides information and links on emergency planning for different types of hazards, developing a family disaster and emergency kit, etc.

C.  Some perspectives on food security in Juneau:

 Darren Snyder's Food for Thought: Are we really food secure? for a discussion of food security issues. 

 My Turn: Food security does not come from the store by Daven Hafey, November 6, 2012  Juneau Empire