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Food sustainability is a challenge everywhere.  Industrial agriculture is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, tends to destroy soils and contaminate water, and accounts for at least 13% of global warming gasses.

Food poses additional problems of sustainability for Juneau residents.  Our remote location means almost all our food travels a thousand miles or more, and is dependent on a few transportation companies.  We don't have many local farms, and our cool, wet climate and lack of space makes it difficult to grow our own food supplies.

On the plus side, we have access to some wild foods, including plants, fish and wildlife.  We have a large enough population to support an increasing variety of food options.  And many of us are growing more of our own food.

The following sections discuss how to make your food choices more sustainable:

I.  Grow and harvest your own - basic information on gardening and links to information sources

II.  Resources for learning from others

III. Harvesting wild foods.

IV. Support local food producers

V.  Improve your family food security

VI.  Reduce climate impacts through your food choices