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Juneau Hydropower Plants existing, under development and planned supply

Juneau, Alaska was a pioneer in early hydropower development. This development was ushered by the Juneau Goldbelt mining operations which needed low and lower cost energy to extract gold from low grade ore bearing rock.   The early hydropower plants of Juneau: Annex Creek and Salmon Creek Dam were developed to serve the mining industry.  Today, Juneau receives most of its electrical generation from hydropower that is supplement by diesel.  In 2012, the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine installed its 7th diesel generator in order to keep up with its growing demand for energy. The Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine is 100% on diesel generation and the Hecla Greens Creek Mine switches to 100% diesel generation whenever water reservoir levels are too low for AEL&P to supply them with electricity.

Juneau has five operating hydroelectric facilities and two under development or planned stages to meet current and future demands for Juneau’s economy.


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Energy capability in Juneau depends on precipitation. In a very dry year, energy capability is 357 gigawatt-hours per year (GWh); in an average year, energy capability is 420 GWh per year; in the wettest years, energy capability is 518 GWh per year. In 2010, total GWh consumed was 396; had there been additional energy produced, it could have been used by non-firm customers. (Personal communication, Scott Willis, May 2011 for CBJ Climate Action Plan).