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About the Commission

A sustainable community seeks to advance the economic, social, environmental and governmental well-being of the community without compromising the quality of life of future generations. CBJ Resolution 2528.  

In 2007, the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly established the Juneau Commission on Sustainability to research and advise the CBJ on community sustainability.  The commission's mission is to promote the economic, social, environmental and governmental well-being of Juneau and all its inhabitants, now and in the future.  See CBJ Resolution 2528.

The commission's powers and duties are to:

  • Coordinate, propose, and promote sustainability initiatives among residents, businesses, government, and non-governmental agencies and educational organizations through education and outreach programs;
  • make recommendations to the Juneau Assembly and CBJ Boards and Commissions on policies and programs that promote sustainability;
  • research and apply for grants or other funds or gifts from public or private agencies for the purpose of carrying out any of the provisions or purposes of the resolution establishing the commission;
  • serve as an advisory group to the CBJ in reducing green house gas emissions to target levels as adopted by the CBJ Assembly; and,
  • act as liaison between the public and the CBJ Assembly on sustainability related issues.  

For commission meeting schedules, agendas and minutes, click here.

The commission is comprised of nine members appointed by the Assembly, plus one member of the Assembly and one member of the Planning Comission.  Commission members reflect environmental, social, eocnomic, and governmental perspectives,unified by the common interest of sustainability.

Current members are:

    Duff Mitchell, Chair
    Gretchen Keiser  
    Iura Leahu
    Steve Behnke
    James Powell
    Edward King

    John Smith
    Christine Woll
    Jim Rehfeldt

  Tim Felstead, CBJ Staff Liaison
  Beth McKibben, CBJ Staff Liaison
  Michael LeVine, Planning Commission member
  Maria Gladzidzewski, Assembly member