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What Sustainability Means to You

Every individual in Juneau stands to benefit from a more sustainable community, from cost savings, health benefits, protection of our natural resources and a better quality of life. The impacts of how Juneau continues as a community have very real consequences for everyone living here. 

How a more sustainable Juneau would look:

  • Good transportation options and services and communications linking people to jobs, schools, health and other services. Better networks of connecting paths to encourage safe local walking and cycling.
  • Improved public, private, community and voluntary services that are affordable, appropriate to Juneau’s needs and accessible to all. For example: Sufficient provision of good quality reasonably priced child-care for all who need it.
  • A cleaner, safer and greener Juneau community that increases the use of local energy sources and reduces our reliance on imported fossil fuels.
  • Increased food security, more locally grown and harvested food and protection for the ecosystems that provide subsistence food.
  • A sustainable waste system based on reducing, reusing and recycling materials where possible.
  • Protection of the surrounding ecosystem, water-bodies and air from pollution.
  • A fully inclusive Juneau which allows everyone fair access to services, jobs and good quality education, and other facilities. Provision of local public space and recreation facilities for all.
  • A thriving Juneau with a successful and diverse local economy, providing a range of business and employment opportunities. Local people are encouraged to open up small businesses and spend their wages locally to help improve other people's businesses.
  • A Juneau with a positive feeling for people and local distinctiveness - a sense of place with a well designed, safe, attractive and quality built and natural environment. Availability of good quality, energy efficient and affordable housing to meet the needs of diverse households; including provision for Juneau seniors as they age.
  • An active, inclusive, tolerant and safe Juneau, with a strong local culture and other shared community activities, often led by the community. Low levels of crime, drugs and anti-social behavior.
  • A well-run Juneau with effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership in the decision-making process. Community members enjoy a sense of civic values, responsibility and pride.

Adapted from Sustainable Communities North East Initiative UK