Streets Division of Public Works

Spring Clean Up Schedule

2014 Dates


Due to the current water shortage we are experiencing, Spring Clean Up has been postponed until such time as we are no longer under a Water Restriction


Please be advised the CBJ Public Works Streets and Fleet Division is in the process of  performing Spring Clean-up operations to remove winter pea rock and debris from the roadway, and cleaning out storm drain catch basins and sumps. Some areas of the Borough are more congested with parked vehicles and require scheduling, coordination and the public’s assistance to get it accomplished.


Notifications will be posted in areas that are to be cleaned with the yellow "NO PARKING" signs that are used with winter snow removal operations. We will try to post these notices at least one day prior to performing the work. If you see these signs in your area, please remove your vehicle from the streets during the date and time indicated to facilitate an efficient operation, and allow us to get your street completely cleaned up.


Heavy rains can prevent this work from being performed. So WEATHER PERMITTING, operations will begin at 7 a.m. and continue until completion. The current schedule is as follows and will be updated weekly.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Street Name From To
6th St East St Nelson St
Nelson St 5th St 6th St
Park St 5th St 6th St
Kennedy St 4th St 5th St
5th St Kennedy St Nelson St



Street Name From To
Basin Rd East St Trestle
East St 4th St Basin Rd
8th St Basin Rd Gold St
Gold St 5th St 8th St
A St 11th St 12th St
11th St Glacier Ave A St



Street Name From To
7th St Main St Harris St
Harris St 3rd St 7th St
6th St East St Gold St
5th St East St Gold St
4th St Harris St Gold St
3rd St Harris St Gold St



Street Name From To
6th St Gold St Main St
5th St Gold St Main St
Seward St 5th St 6th St
10th St B St Glacier Ave
B St 10th St 12th St


For further information contact the Public Works Department at 586-5256

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience.

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