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To establish a City/Borough (CBJ) procedure for assessing public safety relative to vehicle speeds on public roads. CBJ will collect baseline data including vehicular speed, Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), direction, vehicle size (Classification) and accident history if available. Finished studies are available at CBJ Traffic Studies Index. Results of studies will be used to determine if traffic problems exist, extent of any problems and be utilized to help find possible solutions if any.


  • Homeowner Associations may request a traffic study.
  • CBJ Public Works may initiate it’s own study.
  • First Public Meeting: the Department of Public Works, Engineering Department, JPD and the interested property owners will meet to discuss perceived vehicular speeding problems in the neighborhood.
  • Define the area and purpose of the study.
  • The study will include vehicle counts, speed logs, 85% percentile speeds (speed at which 85% of all traffic is traveling at or below), average speeds, peak traffic times, and accident history if any.
  • CBJ will meet again with the Homeowners Association to discuss the results of the study.
  • Second Public Meeting: CBJ will meet again with the Homeowner's Association to discuss the results of the study.
  • Present the findings to the Public Works & Facilities Committee with recommendations and estimated costs for possible solutions if recommended. Include the Engineering Department if improvements involve the construction through a CIP or LID.
  • Recommendations may include:
  • No change alternative
  • Enhanced speed limit enforcement (including double fines in posted areas)
  • Change (reduction or increase) in speed limit
  • Construction of traffic calming amenities (i.e. speed humps, islands, chicanes, etc.)
  • When physical changes are recommended, the Homeowners Association or neighborhood collectively may petition for a Local Improvement District (LID) through the CBJ. Typically, the adjacent property owners directly benefited by the improvements are required to participate financially in the LID improvements.

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