Streets & Fleet Maintenance Division of Public Works

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Streets Mission Statement

The Public Works Streets Division is committed to maintaining and repairing the complex network of streets, sidewalks, traffic control devices, stairways, storm drainage facilities, and street appurtenances throughout the City and Borough of Juneau. We are committed to constantly training our personnel to ensure that these systems are maintained in the best condition possible. The safety of the general public in the use of these systems is of paramount importance.


Fleet Mission Statement

Public Works Fleet Maintenance provides preventive maintenance and repair of public works automotive equipment. This work will protect the public’s investment in these resources and provide safe and dependable units using cost effective methods so that City employees can perform with a minimum of downtime. Public Works Fleet Maintenance also provides the City with an automated fuel system at two locations.

Fleet Program Description

The Public Works Division supervises, manages and performs the maintenance and repair of all Public Works owned vehicles, off-road equipment, standby generators and automated fuel dispensing system. The division also provides technical assistance to departments in developing equipment related specifications, system and equipment design and failure analysis.

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City and Borough of Juneau
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