City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

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CBJ Search

There are several finding tools that will help you find exactly what you are looking for on the Capital City Home Page. The site search engine searches the full text of all pages on this website. Be as specific as possible in phrasing your question.

Detailed Search Help

You can search for any word or phrase on this Web site by typing the word or phrase into the search query form above. The search engine will return a list of documents matching your query. Click on the underlined title to go directly to the item.

Searches produce a list of files that contain the word or phrase no matter where they appear in the text. This list gives some rules for constructing queries:

  1. Consecutive words are treated as a phrase; they must appear in the same order within a matching document.
  2. You may type your query in uppercase or lowercase. (Queries are case insensitive.)
  3. You may search for any word except for those on the exception list (common words, such as a, an, and, as), which are ignored during a search.
  4. Punctuation mars, such as the period (.), colon(:), semicolon (;), and comma (,) are ignored during a search. (Examples in table below)
  5. You may insert boolean operators (AND, OR, and NOT) and the proximity operator (NEAR) to specify additional search information.(Examples in table below)
  6. The wildcard character (*) can match words with a given prefix. The query esc* matches the terms "ESC", "escape," and so on. (Examples in table below)
  7. The NOT operator can be used only after an AND operator in queries; it can be used only to exclude pages that match a previous search.(Examples in table below)
  8. You can add parentheses to group expressions in a query. The expressions in parentheses are evaluated before the rest of the query. (Examples in table below)
To Search For: Type in search box: Results:
Both terms in the same page sales and tax Pages with both the word "sales" and the word "tax"
Either term in a page sales or tax Pages with the word "sales" or the word "tax" and pages that contain both words—this search returns more results than and
The first term without the second term Sales and not forms Pages with the word "sales" but not "forms". This search would return pages that discussed sales tax, but not the sales tax forms on-line.
Both terms in the same page, close together Comprehensive near plan Pages with the word "comprehensive" near the word "plan"
Search on grouped terms, then on second term (comprehensive plan) and zoning Pages with the phrase "comprehensive plan" and the word "zoning"
Words with the same prefix Plan* Pages with words with the prefix "plan", such as "planner", "planning", "plan, and so on.

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