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Information for Biosolids Request For Proposal

For more information, contact CBJ Purchasing at (907)586-5258 or via email at purchasing@juneau.org. The deadline for this project was September 14, 2011.


Beneficial Processing/End-Use of Biosolids RFP#12-025
For a copy of this RFP, contact CBJ Purchasing and provide your contact information so you can be placed on the plan holders' list for this project.


The CBJ currently directs its wastewater biosolids to landfills and this project is intended to re-direct them to more beneficial uses such as composting, heat or electrical generation, or other uses.


Analytical Testing Results


Energy Audits 2009*


Mendenhall Wastewater Treatment Plant - ABF Building


Nutrient Testing of Biosolids



*The energy audits are not directly related to this project but have been requested by potential proposers.

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