Waste Management - Public Works Department




Don't look for the next "Event"...

Hazardous waste disposal will now be

available WEEKLY beginning

Friday, April 11, 2014!

Due to an incredibly large amount of phone calls,

we're expecting a HIGH demand

through the end of April...


It's recommended that unless there's absolutely urgency to rid yourself of hazardous items you've accumulated, WAIT UNTIL MAY to stop by and drop your materials off.


There will be absolutely NO BLOCKING OF ROADS

and NO TRAFFIC LINES allowed!!


Slow down & pay attention!

Follow all posted traffic signs marking the

new traffic pattern into the facility.


CBJ Hazardous Waste Facility

5436 Commercial Blvd

(907) 780-6691


Located in the Lemon Creek Commercial area;

just off Anka Street.




Days & Hours of Operation:



Friday & Saturday, 8:00am - 4:30pm


Businesses By Appointment ONLY

Monday, 8:00am - 4:30pm




This is a service that is offered for the residents & businesses

of the City & Borough of Juneau. It is partially funded through

the Waste Management Fee as seen on your monthly

Utility Billing Statement.


Hazbin Area


  • Come in and check out materials that might be on-hand: paint, gardening supplies, automotive fluids, etc... free to the general public




  • ONE TV/COMPUTER accepted per visit

Who Is Eligible to Participate?


  • All Juneau households are eligible.

  • Some businesses and agencies: Businesses and agencies that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month and meet other criteria are also eligible.


  • Businesses and Agencies will pay for the disposal of their hazardous waste based on the type and the amount of waste brought to the event.



Please click HERE for a list of accepted hazardous waste materials.

Small Quantity Generators (SQG's) charge list available HERE.


Containers containing liquids will NOT be returned!



Certain Types of Wastes Cannot be Accepted


  • Explosives such as blasting caps and gun powder

  • Reactive materials such as sodium metal

  • Biological wastes

  • Contaminated soils

  • Wood



How to Participate


  • Bring your wastes to the household hazardous waste clean-up facility
  • Specially trained personnel will be on hand to greet you and ask you a few questions which will help them classify the wastes for safe handling and proper disposal.



Please Be Sure To...


  • Keep products in their original containers, if possible
  • Place any leaking container inside another container
    • Note: Containers will not be returned so that the traffic keeps flowing and to keep area safe from spill!

  • Identify and label any unmarked containers to the best of your knowledge

  • Protect containers from tipping over during transport

  • Do NOT mix any products

  • Keep products away from passengers during transport


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