Waste Management - Public Works Department


Hazardous and e-waste disposal is

available WEEKLY!

CBJ Hazardous Waste Facility

5436 Commercial Blvd

(907) 780-6691


Located in the Lemon Creek Commercial area;

just off Anka Street.





Days & Hours of Operation:


Friday and Saturday

8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Businesses By Appointment ONLY

THURSDAYS, 8:00am - 4:30pm




This is a service that is offered for the residents & businesses

of the City & Borough of Juneau. It is partially funded through

the Waste Management Fee as seen on your monthly

Utility Billing Statement.




Slow down & pay attention!

Follow all posted traffic signs marking the

new one-way traffic pattern into the facility.





Starting October 1, 2015, there will be a limit on the volume citizens can drop off. 100 pounds per day including E-waste.


  • ONE TV/COMPUTER accepted per visit
  • Batteries:
    • Alkaline batteries do not need to be taped or bagged.
    • Rechargeable batteries that are less than 1.5 volts do not need to be taped or bagged.
    • Rechargeable batteries that are greater than 1.5 volts must have their terminals protected by either bagging or taping each individual battery.
    • Please separate batteries by type, i.e., alkaline, NiCad, Lithium, lead acid, silver oxide, etc.




Hazbin Area


  • Come in and check out materials that might be on-hand: paint, gardening supplies, automotive fluids, etc... free to the general public


Who Is Eligible to Participate?


  • All Juneau households are eligible.

  • Some businesses and agencies: Businesses and agencies that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month and meet other criteria are also eligible.


  • Businesses and Agencies will pay for the disposal of their hazardous waste based on the type and the amount of waste brought to the event.



Please click HERE for a list of accepted hazardous waste materials.

Small Quantity Generators (SQG's) charge list available HERE.


Containers containing liquids will NOT be returned!



Certain Types of Wastes Cannot be Accepted


  • Explosives such as blasting caps and gun powder

  • Reactive materials such as sodium metal

  • Biological wastes

  • Contaminated soils

  • Wood



How to Participate


  • Bring your wastes to the household hazardous waste clean-up facility
  • Specially trained personnel will be on hand to greet you and ask you a few questions which will help them classify the wastes for safe handling and proper disposal.

  • National household hazardous waste average is 30 lbs



Please Be Sure To...


  • Keep products in their original containers, if possible
  • Place any leaking container inside another container
    • Note: Containers will not be returned so that the traffic keeps flowing and to keep area safe from spill!

  • Identify and label any unmarked containers to the best of your knowledge

  • Protect containers from tipping over during transport

  • Do NOT mix any products

  • Keep products away from passengers during transport


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