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Recycling Resources in Juneau


Antifreeze: Please take uncontaminated anti-freeze to Southeast Antifreeze Recyclers, Inc. Call 790-4305 or take to the Household Hazardous Waste. Appliances: For a charge, Capital Disposal Waste Managment wll take stoves, washers, dryers, refridgerators and freezers. For information call 780-7801. Skookum Recycling will take appliances for free. For information call 463-3001. Batteries, Car: Return it to the store where you bought it, they will take it back or CBJ Household Hazardous Waste facility.


Batteries, Household: CBJ Household Hazardous Waste facility. Brown Paper Bags: Reuse at grocery stores (often for a discount) or donate to St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army, or Rainbow Foods. Recycle Center also takes them as mixed paper. Cell Phones with charger: Aware Shelter or or call
Phone 586-6623
Computers: CBJ Household Hazardous Waste facility. Eye Glasses: The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions collects all type of eyeglasses: prescription, nonprescription, reading glasses, lenses, sunglasses. They are recycled and distributed to the needy In Alaska and around the world. Contact 907-957-1697 or Any eyecare center in Juneau has drop boxes. Fishing Line (mono-filament): Take to Western Auto sporting goods.
Glass (all colors): Juneau Recycling Center at the Lemon Creek Landfill operated by Waste Management. 5600 Tonsgard Court. (780-7801) Hazardous Waste (paint, oil, etc.): Take hazardous waste products in the original container or a container with its contents labeled to the scheduled CBJ Household Hazardous Waste facility. Paint cans where the contents have been allowed to dry completely may be recycled with the metal cans at the Recycle Center at 5600 Tonsgard Crt. Hangers: Return hangers and plastic garment bags to the dry cleaner
Metals (Ferrous steel): For a charge Capitol Disposal Waste Management (landfill) will accept ferrous steel (780-7801).

Metals (Non-Ferrous): Brass, copper,aluminum and radiators Auke Bay Cans. No steel (789-9407).

Waste Management (780-7801).

Skookum Recycling (463-3001).

D&S Recycling (321-7907).

Phone Books: Capitol Disposal, Waste Management 's Recycling Center at 5600 Tonsgard Crt. accepts phone books in with the Mixed Paper container. Plastic Bags: Reuse at major grocery store (often for a discount) or deposit clean bags into the bins locate at A&P Grocery and at Fred Meyer, or donate to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
Plastics Six-pack Rings: Take to Juneau Wholesale in good condition for re-use. 2601 Channel Drive (789-5919) Inkjet Toner Cartridges (Palm Size): The Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions collects palm-size inkjet cartridges (HP, Cannon, Lexmark, Dell, and Sharp brands only) to recycle as part of the Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Mobility Worldwide project (a global charity providing mobility carts to people who are unable to walk due to disability, impairment, or injury). Contact or 907-957-1697. D&S Recycling collects them at 10011 Bentwood Place, 9a-6p, M-F, 321-7907. Shipping Materials: Peanuts or bubble wrap, large boxes that holds shipping art work can be recycled at Taku Graphics (780-6310) near Lemon Creek at 5763 Glacier Hwy.; Annie Kaill's bubble wrap (586-2880) at 244 Front Street or any store or art gallery that mails items.
Tires: For a charge Les Schwab or Capitol Disposal Waste Management (landfill) will accept old tires. (Les Schwab789-0380 or WM 780-7801) Used Cooking Oil: CBJ Household Hazardous Waste facility. Waste Oil (household): Five gallons per household per month are accepted free at scheduled HHW facility.
Vehicles: Please call Skookum (723-7579) & Capitol Disposal Waste Management (780-7801), for more information.


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