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JPD Fitness Room with direct access to the locker rooms.

Officer Fitness Standards

The Juneau Police Department has a gym that is available to all JPD employees. None of the equipment in the gym was purchased using taxpayer dollars. All of the equipment in the gym was purchased by JPD employees through a voluntary program that created the JPD Fitness Committee.

Police Officer Hiring Standards

There are five events that test an applicant’s level of physical fitness. Each event is graded on a sliding scale. The maximum point total for the physical test is 100 points. The minimum passing score for each event is 10 points, and the maximum store for each event is 20 points. The scale for each event is available to view via the following link: Click here.

The minimum acceptable standard for each event is as follows:

1. 300 Meter Run: 77 seconds
2. Vertical Jump:14.0”
3. Push-Ups:21 repetitions
4. One Minute Sit-Ups:15 repetitions
5. 1.5 mile run: 17 minutes, 17 seconds

Applicants who fail the physical ability test will have one opportunity to retake the test within 90 days of the written exam date.

Fit for Duty Pin:

There are not any ongoing requirements for police officers to maintain fitness standards after being hired. The Department encourages officers to maintain fitness standards through voluntary Fit for Duty testing. Officers who pass the Fit for Duty testing are allowed to wear a Fit for Duty pin on their uniforms. The Fit for Duty standards are as follows:

6. 300 Meter Run:54 seconds
7. Vertical Jump:21.0”
8. Push-Ups:32 repetitions
9. One Minute Sit-Ups:37 repetitions
10. 1.5 mile run:12 minutes, 51 seconds

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