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Juneau Police Department

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Entry Level Police Officer



Next Hiring Process in Juneau

November 7-9, 2018


Future dates:

January 23-25, 2019

March 27-29, 2019




Police Officer Pay and Benefits:

  1. Starting pay $30.75 - $32.95 per hour.
  2. Starting Salary Range $63,969 to $68,535
  3. Shift Differential, Holiday Pay, and Overtime eligible
  4. Family Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance
  5. Paid Leave and 12 paid holidays
  6. State of Alaska Retirement, PERS Tier 4

What itís like to be a JPD Police Officer:

Being a JPD Police Officer is an exciting career choice that offers individuals a chance to make a true difference for the City and Borough of Juneau. Most calls for service are handled by Patrol, which is divided into five teams that work a combination of 10 and 12 hour shifts. Staffing is geared toward peak times, which tends to be on weekend nights. Calls for service occur at a rate that allows officers to remain busy, but also has unallocated time where officers can engage in proactive policing techniques.

The CBJ has approximately 32,000 residents and is geographically isolated from other communities. The next larger communities are Anchorage at 500 miles to the Northwest, and Seattle at 900 miles to the South. As a result, JPD has to be more self-sufficient than most departments in the lower 48 states.

In addition to Patrol, officers have an excellent chance of working either a lateral assignment or being trained for a special ancillary duty. Lateral assignments include Investigations, Narcotics Enforcement, Airport Team, Down Town Walking/Bike Patrol and School Resource Officers. Ancillary duties include a SWAT Team, Crisis Negotiators, Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team, Accident Investigators, and many more.

Police Officer Hiring Process:

Each step in the hiring process needs to be completed before advancing to the next step.


  1. Submit an application to CBJ AND sign up for written testing through Public Safety Testing at www.publicsafetytesting.com.
  2. Physical Test. See Fitness Standards page for details.
  3. Oral Boards. Complete set questions by a panel of three JPD supervisors.
  4. Complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) and Suitability Assessment Rating (SAR) paperwork.
  5. Pass a detailed background investigation. A typical background takes approximately four weeks to complete.
  6. Polygraph examination.
  7. Complete final psychological paperwork and interview with psychologist.
  8. Submit to medical examination by a licensed physician of your choice.
  9. Pre-employment drug testing.

Police Officer Training:

After being sworn in, newly hired officers typically receive 4-6 weeks of in-house training. This initial training covers Arrest Control Tactics, Less Lethal Systems, and Firearms Training to name a few. Initial training is designed to familiarize new officers with JPD practices before leaving for the Academy.

Entry level police officers are required to attend the State of Alaska, Department of Public Safety Training Academy held in Sitka. The Academy is 15 weeks long and runs twice a year, typically starting in February and August. The Academy is a live-in setting with dorm rooms and meals. The cost of the Academy is covered by JPD. Officers also receive a salary while attending the Academy.

After completing the Academy, officers begin Field Training. The Field Training program is 14 weeks long. Officers typically spend four weeks with three different FTOs, followed by a two week testing and evaluation phase. After completing Field Training officers are assigned to a patrol team.

Yearly training is an important aspect of maintaining skills. JPD officers are scheduled for 80 hours of annual training that covers a wide variety of topics. Officers working lateral assignments, or with specialty ancillary duties, receive additional annual training.

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