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Assignments and Ancillary Duties

Due to the CBJs geographic isolations, the Juneau Police Department does not have the ability to easily rely on neighboring agencies for assistance. As a result, JPD strives to be as self-sufficient as possible. Here is a list and brief description of some of JPDs potential lateral assignments and ancillary duties.

Potential Lateral Assignments:

Criminal Investigations Unit The CIU is staffed by five detectives and a sergeant. Two detectives specialize in crimes against people, two detectives specialize in crimes against property, and one detective works both people and property cases.

Metro Drug Unit Metro Drug is staffed by two officers specialize in conducting investigations that deal with illegal narcotics. The two narcotics investigators often work closely with the detectives in the CIU.

School Resource Officers One to two officers work with the schools to teach prevention techniques to students. School Resource Officers (SRO) are DARE certified but teach classes that include Stranger Danger, Pedestrian Safety, Bicycle Safety, and many more classes. SROs try to maintain a presence in all of Juneaus Schools, which includes two high schools, two middle schools, six elementary schools, a Montessori school, and a home school network.

Potential Ancillary Duties:

This list is not all inclusive and only highlights some of the major ancillary duties.

Crisis Negotiations Team CNT is comprised of five officers. Each CNT member receives the FBI Basic 40 hour basic negotiator training. Ongoing training consists of monthly in-house training. CNT works closely with the JPD SWAT Team.

Explosive Ordinance Team EOD is comprised of four officers. Each EOD member receives the six weeks of initial training through the United States Army and funded by FBI. EOD members also receive ongoing monthly in-house training.

Instructors JPD believes in establishing in-house instructors to provide training to the rest of the department. JPD instructors include Arrest Control Tactics, Cultural Diversity, Domestic Violence, DWI Enforcement, Firearms Instructors, Less Lethal Devices, Stop Sticks, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Radar/Lidar Enforcement, to name a few.

SWAT JPD fields a SWAT Team comprised of 10 officers. Depending on their specialty, SWAT members receive individual training as well as ongoing monthly in-house training. SWAT works closely with the JPD CNT Team.

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