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Bicycle Registration Program

The Juneau Police Department is implementing a bicycle registration program.  Bicycle owners can fill out the Bicycle Registration Form and turn it into the Juneau Police Department.  The information from the form will be put into a computer and will be stored until it is needed.  If a bicycle is found or recovered, the Juneau Police Department can use the information from the recovered bicycle to match it up with the owner’s information stored in the computer and the bicycle can be returned to the rightful owner.

No program guarantees a 100% recovery rate.  The Juneau Police Department does not guarantee that your bicycle will be recovered by filling out and submitting this form.

This is just one tool used to help owners recover their property. Owners should also keep a copy of this information for their own records. The Juneau Police Department encourages people to use bike locks to deter theft of bicycles.

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