Assembly Planning and Policy Committee

City and Borough of Juneau

The Planning and Policy Committee has been dissolved with the majority of issues previously handled by the PPC to be taken up by the Assembly Committee of the Whole

Planning and Policy Committee Purpose

In November of 1999, the Mayor created a new committee of the Assembly-the Planning and Policy Committee (PPC)-and charged it with addressing two issues:  tourism and capital facilities in the downtown core (physical improvements to make Juneau a better state capital).

To date, the PPC has focused most of its efforts on tourism management.  In tackling tourism issues, the committee actively seeks recommendations for action from the public, interest groups, tour operators, and other Juneau businesses.  The goal of any action is to secure a real and meaningful decrease in impacts created by the tourism industry's rapid growth.  In addition to short-term tourism priorities, the PPC works to address broad, long-term planning goals to prevent problems before they arise.


CBJ Tourism Policy

Adopted by the Assembly in the Comprehensive Plan, Policy 2.12, November 1996

It is the policy of the CBJ to encourage tourism, convention and other visitor-related activities through the development of appropriate facilities and services, while protecting Juneau's natural and cultural attractions for local citizens and visitors alike, and to participate in the accommodation of the future growth of tourism in a manner that addresses both community and industry concerns.


Flightseeing Noise Intent Statement

Adopted by the PPC, May 2000

The intent of the Assembly is to ensure that flightseeing noise does not unreasonably affect the ability of the City's residents to enjoy their own property or be dissuaded from any outdoor activity.


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