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Status Key
AMCApproved with Modified Conditions
UDirector's Decision Upheld
RNATReviewed But No Action Taken
NRNotice of Reconsideration
RARecommend Approval to the Assembly
RDRecommend Denial to the Assembly
RNGFRecommend Project Not Go Forward

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Planning Commission

2015 Planning Commission Notice of Decision

Meeting DateCase NumberDescriptionStatus
02-10-2015CSP2014 0025City/State Project review to allow boat maintenance and repair, structures and parking at the Auke Bay Loading FacilityRA
02-10-2015CSP2014 0024Review of North Scott Drive drainage improvements for consistency with Title 49 and adopted plans.RA
02-10-2015CSP2014 0023Dedicate a driveway and utility easement crossing a CBJ-owned fraction of Lot 1, USS 3559.RA
02-10-2015AME2014 0011Amend Ordinance 2014-32 Wireless Communication Facilities for consistency with new Federal changes.RA
02-10-2015AME2013 0012Planning Commmission review and recommendation of the Draft Auke Bay Area Plan the Assembly.RA
02-10-2015VAR2014 0029A variance to reduce the 20-foot front yard setback for an existing building.A
02-10-2015VAR015 0001A variance to reduce the parking requirements.AMC
02-10-2015USE2015 0001Conditional Use to allow 56 housing units plus office and clinic space to be developed in a General Commmercial zone.A
02-10-2015USE2014 0020A Conditional Use Permit modification to allow boat repair and maintenance, structures and parking at the Auke Bay Loading Facility A
01-27-2015USE2014 0017Conditional Use to allow a bed and breakfast in the D-1 zoning district.A
01-27-2015USE2014 0018Conditional Use Permit for child care to have up to 12 children in a residence in a D5 zoning district. A
01-27-2015VAR2014 0027A Variance to reduce the street side yard setback to the undeveloped right-of-way of Stark Street to allow for the construction of a new building at 5275 Glacier Highway.A
01-27-2015VAR2014 0028Variance request to allow driveway to encroach into required Planned Unit Development perimeter buffer.A
01-13-2015USE2014 0016Conditional Use for expansion/alteration of Glacier View Mobile Home Park.AMC
01-13-2015USE2014 0019Conditional Use Permit to expand an existing daycare from 8 to 12 children.AMC

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