DATE: November 2, 2000

TO: Planning Commission

FROM: Katharine Heumann, Planner
Community Development Department

FILE NO.: SUB2000-00045

PROPOSAL: Final Plat for Shady Creek Subdivision




Property Owner: P & J Properties, Ltd.

Property Address: 2227-2243 Great Western Street Juneau, AK 99824

Legal Description: Lots 12, 13, 14 Hamdy Acres

Parcel Code No.: 2-D05-0-B03-012-0; 013-0; 014-0

Site Size: 26,568 Square Feet

Zoning: D-18, Multifamily

Utilities: CBJ Water and Sewer Services

Access: Great Western Street

Existing Land Use: Vacant, under construction

Surrounding Land Use: North – Lawson Creek Gastineau Vista Park

South – Multifamily Residential

East - Multifamily Residential

West - Multifamily Residential



On October 26, 1999, the Planning Commission approved the preliminary plat for Shady Creek Subdivision. This action provided that 28, 850 square feet within Lots 12, 13 and 14 Hamdy Subdivision at the end of Great Western Street be approved for eventual construction of nine common wall residential units. The units will consist of three two-unit structures and one three-unit structure. The project is accessed off Great Western Street via Lawson Creek Road and serviced by CBJ water and sewer. At this time, one of the two unit common-wall structures is nearing completion and the common-wall subdivision is part of this final plat application. The remaining common wall subdivision applications will be processed as minor subdivisions as the buildings are completed.


Planning Commission action on final plats is stipulated in Section 49.15.440(3) of the Land Use Code and reads as follows:

    1. Commission Action. The commission shall approve the final plat if the plat substantially conforms to the approved preliminary plat and all applicable conditions have been satisfactorily completed.


The following are the conditions of preliminary plat approvals and a brief discussion of how the conditions have been met:


  1. Appropriate utility easements shall be shown on the final plat.

A 20’ access and service utility easement is shown on the plat.

2. Prior to final plat approval, the applicant shall coordinate with the United States Postal Service to determine the type and location of central mail delivery facility that may include applicable easements for development of the mail delivery.

Pursuant to direction from the Postal Service, individual curbside mailboxes will be installed for these residential units (see letter Attachment A).

3.Prior to construction the applicants or their agent shall coordinate with the Corp of Engineers to locate and indicate by flagging the ordinary high water mark of Lawson Creek and the respective 50 and 25-foot setback requirements on the site.

The ordinary high water mark of Lawson Creek is shown on the plat. The 50 and 25-foot setback requirements have been flagged on the site as required.




4. On the final plat the applicant shall place a plat note that states: "There shall be no development within 50 feet of Lawson Creek and no disturbance of the natural vegetation within 25 feet of Lawson Creek"

Plat note #4 reads: "There shall be no development within 50 feet of Lawson Creek and no disturbance of the natural vegetation within 25 feet of Lawson Creek."

5. The applicant shall indicate five-foot maintenance easement on all common wall property lines where necessary.

The proposed common-wall property lines are not offset and will not require maintenance easements as designed.



Staff finds that the final plat substantially conforms to the preliminary plat with the recommended conditions. The conditions have been met as described above.


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt staff’s findings and approve the final plat for the approval of a nine-unit common wall subdivision, with the remaining units to be submitted for minor subdivision review and recording when the buildings are completed.