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Planning Commission

2015 Planning Commission Staff Reports

Meeting DateCase NumberApplicantDescription
02-10-2015CSP2014 0024CBJNorth Scott Drive storm drainage improvements. E15-094 work includes under ground storm drain system, road reconstruction, asphalt paving, valley gutters and other misc. work.
02-10-2015CSP2014 0025 & USE2015 0020CBJCSP2014 0025: City/State Project review to allow boat maintenance and repair, structures and parking at the Auke Bay Loading Facility
01-27-2015AME2014 0011CBJAmend Ordinance 2014-32 Wireless Communication Facilities for consistency with new Federal changes.
01-27-2015USE2014 0017Russell & Gretchen PowersConditional Use to allow a bed and breakfast in the D-1 zoning district.
01-27-2015USE2014 0018Brandon & Carolina HoffConditional Use Permit for child care to have up to 12 children in a residence in a D5 zoning district.
01-27-2015VAR2014 0027Tyler Rental, Inc.A Variance to reduce the street side yard setback to the undeveloped right-of-way of Stark Street to allow for the construction of a new building at 5275 Glacier Highway.
01-27-2015VAR2014 0028Corvus DesignVariance request to allow driveway to encroach into required Planned Unit Development perimeter buffer.
01-13-2015AME2013 0012CBJPlanning Commission review of and recommendation to the Assembly regarding the Draft Auke Bay Area Plan.
01-13-2015USE2014 0016Wright ServicesConditional Use for expansion/alteration of Glacier View Mobile Home Park.
01-13-2015USE2014 0019Rogelio & Ana RodriguezConditional Use Permit to expand an existing daycare from 8 to 12 children.
01-13-2015USE2014 0019 Supplemental Staff ReportRogelio & Ana RodriguezConditional Use Permit to expand an existing daycare from 8 to 12 children.

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