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AMCApproved with Modified Conditions
UDirector's Decision Upheld
RNATReviewed But No Action Taken
NRNotice of Reconsideration
RARecommend Approval to the Assembly
RDRecommend Denial to the Assembly
RNGFRecommend Project Not Go Forward

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2014 Planning Commission Notice of Decision

Meeting DateCase NumberDescriptionStatus
04-08-2014SMP2014 0002A Major Subdivision creating 1 regular lot and 2 Bungalow lots on Garnet St. in the Northeast Mendenhall Valley.A
04-08-2014VAR2014 0002Variance request to replace and extend existing deck to property line.AMC
04-08-2014CSP2014 0004Fritz Cove Road widening of shoulders, embankment reinforcement, asphalt paving, drainage improvements, and culvert replacement.RA
04-08-2014CSP2014 0003Drainage easement and temporary use permit on City property for site drainage and foundation improvements for historic St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox church.RA
04-08-2014CSP2014 0008Planning Commission review of Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Improvement Project.RNAT
03-25-2014USE2014 0004A Conditional Use Permit for Brotherhood Bridge replacement project staging area on Clinton Dr.AMC
03-25-2014SMP2014 0001Preliminary Plat approval for a Major Subdivision of three lots to nine lots at the southeast corner of Sherwood Lane and Glacier Highway.AMC
03-25-2014AAP2014 0001A Conditional use permit application for an accessory apartment on a substandard sized lot in a D-1 zone, not served by city sewer.A
03-25-2014AME2014 0002An Application to Rezone Lots 1 and 1A of Block 46 on Dock Street in downtown Douglas from Waterfront Industrial to D-18.RA
03-25-2014AME2013 0010Zone Change Request from D18 to Light Commercial for USS1284 Lot A1 & Lot C1.D
03-25-2014AME2014 0003Rezone of land in the Pederson Hill area from D1(T)D5 to a mix of D10 & D10SF.RA
03-11-2014VAR2014 0004Variance request to reduce the rear yard setback from 8 feet to 2 feet and the street sideyard setback from 17 feet to 2 feet to build a 352 square foot garage.A
03-11-2014USE2014 0002A Conditional Use permit to expand the manufacturing, retail, and tasting areas of the Alaskan Brewery.A
03-11-2014CSP2014 0001Review of Stikine Street drainage improvements for consistency with Title 49 and adopted plans.RA
02-25-2014USE2014 0001Conditional Use Permit for a 2400 sq ft exercise studio and office space in an industrial zone.AMC
02-25-2014CSP2013 0009Planning Commission Review of and Recommendation to the Assembly regarding the 2013 Capital Transit Recommended Service Scenario.RA
02-25-2014USE2013 0038A modification of a Conctional Use Permit to allow 'value added' processing.AMC
02-25-2014AME2014 0001Application to rezone 1.3 acres of Lot 2, Two Lot Subdivision, a fraction of USS 1075, from D5 to General Commercial.RA
02-18-2014APL2013 0004Appeal of the director's determination to allow fences within the “no disturbance to 20’ natural green belt and visual buffer easement” and “30' ‘no-build’ structure setback” in the Montana Creek subdivisionD
02-11-2014FZE2014 0001A Flood Zone Exception to allow a building to be built on a dock seaward of the mean high tide in a Velocity flood zone.A
02-11-2014VAR2013 0026Variance request for AKDOTto conduct road rehabilitation along Fritz Cove Road within the 330 foot required setback of six eagle nests.A
02-11-2014CSP2013 0032Transfer of ownership of Kaxdigoowu Heen Dei parking area from DOT&PF to CBJ.A
02-11-2014USE2013 0027A Conditional Use Permit for a Commercial greenhouse in a D3 zoning district.A
01-28-2014CSP2013 0033Renovation of Centennial Hall, including roof replacement, upgrade of existing toilet facilities and construction of additional toilet rooms, domestic water piping replacement, and sound system upgrade.A
01-28-2014CSP2013 0031Mendenhall Valley paving and roadway reconstruction for dust control. Roadways to be paved include: Blueberry Lane, Powers Street, Gene Street, Goat Hill Road, Lee Street, Lee Court, Spring Way, Wilma Avenue, Barrett Avenue, Bentwood Place, Sasha Avenue, Tongass Boulevard and Rivertrail WA
01-14-2014VAR2013 0024 & VAR2013 0025A variance to reduce both side yard setbacks from10 to 5 feet, and a second variance to increase the maximum allowed height from 35 feet to 50 feet for a new 15-unit condominium in Auke Bay. A
01-14-2014USE2013 0037A Conditional Use permit for a 15-unit condominium with a covered parking deck in Auke Bay.AMC
01-14-2014VAR2013 0022A Variance request to reduce the lot depth dimensional standard for a bungalow lot from 80 feet to 64 feet in a D-18 zone.A
01-14-2014VAR2013 0023Variance request to reduce rear setback from 20 feet to 5 feet in order to construct a carport.A
01-14-2014USE2013 0034Conditional Use and City State Project review for construction of a new 20,600 SF library and associated site improvements (parking, landscaping, etc) in Dimond Park.AMC
01-14-2014AME2013 0015Rezone 82 acres of RR to a mixture of Industrial, Commercial and Rural Reserve.D
01-14-2014CSP2013 0028Conditional Use and City State Project review for construction of a new 20,600 SF library and associated site improvements (parking, landscaping, etc) in Dimond Park.AMC
01-14-2014AME2013 0009Requested zone change from Waterfront Commercial to General Commercial of the Auke Bay Post Office property would allow for remodel of existing office space into 7 apartments; residential property on north side of Glacier Hwy. would also be re-zoned to General Commercial from Light Commercial.RA

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