DATE: February 6, 2001

TO: Planning Commission

FROM: Oscar, Graham, Planner

Community Development Department

FILE NO.: SUB2000-00052

PROPOSAL: Final plat review for the resubdivision of 17 lots to create a total of 21 lots for residential duplex.



Applicant: Hugh Grant

Property Owner: Hugh Grant

Property Address: Slate Dr., Granite Dr. (Dolomite Avenue/Windfall Dr.)

Legal Description: Lots 9-18 Block E, and Lots 6-13 Block C, Glacier Village Subdivision No. 2

Parcel Code No.: 5-B24-0-108-006-0 to 013-0 & 5-B24-0-111-001-0 to 009-0

Site Size: Approximately 4 Acres

Zoning: D-5, Single-family/Duplex Residential

Utilities: CBJ Water and Wastewater Services

Access: Valley Boulevard-Slate Drive-Dolomite Avenue (Granite Drive)

Existing Land Use: Undeveloped

Surrounding Land Use: North - Undeveloped

South - Residential

East - Undeveloped

West - Residential


The Planning Commission granted preliminary plat approval for SUB1998-00019 on May 12, 1998. Approval provided for the re-division of 17 lots into a total of 21 lots.

Approval was conditional upon the fulfillment of general platting requirements including the provision of standard public improvements. In addition the developer was required to retain the maximum amount of vegetation possible within the subdivision and complete all construction following standard engineering practices to control erosion.


The major subdivision final plat provisions of the CBJ Land Use Code address submittal requirements, approval procedures and commission action as follows:

CBJ 49.15.440 Final Plat. After completeion of all conditions and commission acceptance fo the preliminary plat in accordance with Conditional Use permit procedures, the final plat shall be submitted for review and approval according to the following.

(1) Final Plat Submittal. The final plat may constitute only that portion of the approved preliminary layout which the developer proposes to record and develop at the time of submittal, so long as such portion itself meets the requirements of this title without referenced to possible future stages. The final plat shall be prepared by a professional land surveyor, registerd in the state of Alaska, shall be filed with the department and shall meet the survey, monumentation, and certification requirements established by the commission by regulation.

(2) Approval Procedure. (A) After acceptance of an application and a final plat the director shall schedule the final plat for commission action. (B) If commission action on the final plat is scheduled to occur more than twelve months after approval of the preliminary plat, public notice of impending commission action on the final plat may be required. (C) The director shall make a recommendation to the planning commission. The recommendation shall include a description of the manner in which all conditions of the preliminary plat have been met.

(3) Commission Action. The Commission shall approve the final plat if the plat substantially conforms to the approved preliminary plat and all applicable condition shave been satisfactorily completed.

Per CBJ 49.15.440 (1), the final plat has been prepared by a professional, registerd land surveyor, the plat meets the survey, monumentation and certification requirements and substantially conforms to the preliminary plat layout.

Per CBJ 49.15.440 (2) (A-C), the preliminary plat was approved approximately 3 years ago in 1998. Because the final plat conforms substantially to the configuration of the preliminary approval, notice was limited to advertising in the Juneau Empire under AYour Municipality@ on the dates of February 2 and February 13, 2001. The analysis that follows demonstrates that the final plat substantially conforms to the approved preliminary plat and that the condition(s) of preliminary plat approval have been met.

Review of the final plat application by the Department of Community Development revealed that the street name AWindfall Drive@ was already in use. The applicant renamed the suject street Granite Drive While blackline copies indicate the street name Windfall Drive, the mylars submitted for signature and recording have been corrected to read Granite Drive.

A single condition was attached to preliminary approval:

The developer shall retain the maximum amount of vegetation possible in the subdivision, and shall complete all construction following standard engineering practices to control erosion.

Staff inspection conducted during final plat review indicate that roads have been cleared and graded and that utilites ahve been stubbed in to the 21 individual lots. The site remains largely vegetated with tree, shrub and emergent plant species. Construction permits for the completeion of road building activites will require temporary erosion and sedimentation controls.


The subdivision was reviewed for compliance with the Juneau Coastal Management Program (JCMP) during preliminary plat review. The provisions of the program that were identified as applicable to the subdivision related to minimizing disturbance of the site and retaining the maximum amount of vegetation. These provisions are reflected in the single condition of preliminary approval discussed under analysis.


The director makes the following findings relative to the final plat application:

  1. The final plat meets the submittal requirements of CBJ 49.15.440 (1).
  2. The condition(s) of the preliminary plat have been met.
  3. The final plat substantially conforms to the approved preliminary plat.


The Community Development Department recommends that the Planning Commission adopt the director=s analysis and findings and approve the subject 21-lot subdivision.