DATE:             June 18, 2001

TO:                  Planning Commission

FROM:           Chris Beanes, Planner
                        Community Development Department

FILE NO.:      CSP2001-00008

PROPOSAL: State project review of Egan Drive retaining wall attenuators.


Applicant:                State of Alaska, DOT/PF

Property Owner:     State of Alaska, DOT/PF

Project No.:            68168/HHE-093-2(40)

Location:                 Roadway segment at Egan Drive and Channel Vista Drive
                               Roadway segment at Egan Drive and Powerhouse Spur

Zoning:                    Egan & Channel Vista Drive segment: D-5
                               Egan Drive & Powerhouse spur segment: GC

Length:                    Egan & Channel Vista Drive: approximately 78 feet
                               Egan Drive & Powerhouse spur segment: approximately 490 feet


This is a proposal by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT/PF) to improve traffic safety at 2 roadway segments along the southbound channel side lane of Egan Drive. The existing concrete barrier wall segments (attenuators) do not meet current traffic safety standards. This proposal will replace the walls with current industry standards. In addition, other safety features will be included for added safety. The following are the proposed improvements for the two locations:

Egan Drive and Channel Vista Drive intersection: Remove approximately 24 feet of concrete barrier wall and install a new barrier wall along Egan Drive. A crash cushion will also be added to this section of wall for increased safety.

Egan Drive and Powerhouse spur intersection: Remove approximately 128 feet of concrete barrier wall and extend wall for a total of approximately 330 feet. Remove non-functional curbing. Install a crash cushion on the northernmost end of wall.


This project is presented to the CBJ Planning Commission for review and approval under Alaska Statute 35.30. Consistency with Local Government Plans and Ordinances. This statute requires approval of DOT projects by the Planning Commission of the municipality.


This project is proposed as a Highway Safety Improvement Project. These projects are funded from a separate source of funds from those normally used for the construction of the majority of highway improvement projects. The purpose of these projects is to alleviate significant traffic safety problems. These projects compete with other safety projects statewide and must also be relatively low cost and have a readily achievable solution. These projects are not to be confused with Safety Transportation Improvement Plans (STIP).

The existing barrier walls at these 2 segments along Egan Drive are outdated and don’t meet current traffic safety standards. This project will alleviate the problem by adding and extending new barrier walls, which will meet current safety standards. Additionally, the crash guards will enhance safety along this high-speed travel route.


The average daily traffic (ADT) for Egan Drive is 20,000 trips. Because of the high volume of traffic this safety project is an important upgrade to this principal arterial.

The project has been reviewed for compliance with local planning documents and ordinances. In particular the project was reviewed for compliance with the CBJ Comprehensive Plan, CBJ Land Use Code (Title 49), CBJ Transit Development Plan, CBJ Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and previous CBJ Transportation Needs Lists.

Because this is not a major project it is not specifically addressed in any of these plans. However this proposal is in general conformity or does not conflict with these plans. The project does promote the health and safety of CBJ residents.


The project was reviewed for compliance with CBJ §49.70.900, the Juneau Coastal Management Program. Provisions of the program do not apply to this project.


After review of the proposed project, the Community Development Director makes the following findings:

  1. The project is in general conformity with the CBJ Comprehensive Plan, CBJ Non-Motorized
  2. Transportation Plan and does not conflict with other CBJ plans.

  3. The project complies with the provisions of the JCMP.
  4. The project enhances vehicle safety and promotes the health and welfare of CBJ residents.


We recommend that the Planning Commission adopt the Director’s analysis and findings and approve the proposed plan to increase safety to Egan Drive by replacing existing concrete barrier walls with new ones, and adding other safety features for vehicular access.