DATE:    August 8, 2001

TO:         Planning Commission

FROM: Chris Beanes, Planner
               Community Development Department

FILE NO.: CSP2001-00006

PROPOSAL: State Project Review of pavement rehabilitation improvements to (2) separate roadway segments: Old Dairy Road & Glacier Hwy and Glacier Highway North


Applicant:               State of Alaska, DOT/PF

Property Owner:     State of Alaska, DOT/PF

Project No.:            68181/STP-0005(380)

Locations: (1) Old Dairy Road between Yandukin Drive and Glacier Highway.

                (2) Glacier Highway between Mendenhall Loop Road and Egan Drive.

Zoning:    Old Dairy Rd. segment- I & GC, Glacier Highway section- LC, D-5 & D-15

Length:    Old Dairy Rd. segment- .61 miles. Glacier Highway segment- .44 miles


This is a proposal by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT/PF) to maintain and improve 2 existing roadways.

Old Dairy Road between Yandukin Drive and Glacier Highway: Repave and expand existing roadway segment.

Glacier Highway between Mendenhall Loop Road and Egan Drive: Repave and expand existing roadway segment.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Improve safety along deteriorated portions of roadway and provide a smooth uniform surface
  2. Provide paved shoulders for pedestrians and bicycles on both segments
  3. Reduce driver confusion

There are specific changes/improvements that are proposed to help meet these objectives:

    1. Repave and rehabilitate Old Dairy Road and the Glacier Highway road segments

    2.Old Dairy Road will be widened from 33 to 39 feet, Glacier Highway will be widened from 23 to 31 feet

    3. New signage and paint striping will be provided along these segments


This project is presented to the CBJ Planning Commission for review and approval under Alaska Statute 35.30. Consistency with Local Government Plans and Ordinances. This statute requires approval of DOT projects by the Planning Commission of the municipality.


The DOT has submitted these projects for local concurrency review. The primary pruposes of the projects are road bed maintenance and safety improvements. These segments of roadway have been identified as areas in need from a variety of resurfacing/repaving projects for years ( identified in STIP lists). In October 1998, the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) nominated Old Dairy Road paving and shoulders (CBJ priority 11), and Old Glacier Highway North paving and shoulders (CBJ priority 13), for the 2001-2002 STIP. Glacier Highway North resurfacing and widening also appeared in the 2001-2003 STIP dated March 2000. In addition, these projects appear in the 2006 STIP for drainage and pedestrian/bicycle accommodations.



These roadways provide access to residences, businesses and the airport area. No rehabilitation or reconstruction has occurred on these segments since 1973. The average daily traffic (ADT) for Old Dairy Road is 4,890 trips. The ADT for the Glacier Highway segment is 3,640 trips. These 2 street segments are designated Urban Collectors.

The project has been reviewed for compliance with local planning documents and ordinances. In particular the project was reviewed for compliance with the CBJ Comprehensive Plan, CBJ Area Wide Transportation Plan, CBJ Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and previous CBJ Transportation Needs Lists.



CBJ Comprehensive Plan

The project is consistent with the provisions of the CBJ Comprehensive Plan, particularly Subarea Transportation Need Policies 4.2.2 and 4.4.21:

Policy 4.4.2 states: Develop a list of needed roadway improvements according to
potential funding, and incorporate it into the CBJs capital improvement plan and ISTEA
statewide Transportation Improvement Program Needs list. Potential road corridors in
the Mendenhall Valley/Auke Bay and on Douglas Island are illustrated on the
Comprehensive Plan maps.

Policy 4.4.21states: Require sidewalks and bicycle paths or lanes along existing or newly-constructed arterial and collector streets, where appropriate, to provide safe and efficient access and recreation and to reduce pedestrian/automobile conflicts.

Policy 4.4.2 has been met by the nomination of these 2 roadways as needed for improvement, and the subsequent STIP process which allowed for these projects to be rehabilitated. Policy 4.4.21 is met by the commitment by DOT to add bike lanes and sidewalks prior to 2006.

CBJ Area Wide Transportation Plan

The project is consistent with the provisions of the CBJ Area Wide Transportation Plan. In particular both projects are addressed under the Mendenhall Valley/Airport/Nugget Mall Priority Solution List:

Old Dairy Road Resurfacing and Bike Lane/Shoulder Widening:

Reconstruct Old Dairy Road from Glacier Highway to Yandukin Drive and add bicycle
lanes. Pavement width would be 31.5 feet, plus gutter, curb and sidewalk on the south
side to Airport Blvd. Repair and upgrade drainage.

Glacier Highway North Improvement:

Reconstruct Glacier Highway North, from Duck Creek to Egan Drive, and construct
sidewalks, bicycle lanes and bus pullout/shelters. Coordinate pedestrian crossing at
Egan Drive with Brotherhood Bridge improvement project. Construct cul-de-sac on east
end of Del Rae Road to eliminate Duck Creek culvert.

The scope of this project is to rehabilitate and widen the existing roadway to provide shoulders along both sides of the roadway. DOT has committed to providing sidewalks and bike lanes by 2006 or sooner to address this portion of the Transportation Plan.

CBJ Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The project is consistent with the CBJ Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. The plan addresses improvements to the transportation system to provide for bike paths along roadways. Both road corridors are identified as an immediate need in Subarea 2, Mendenhall Valley.

Construction of bike lanes and sidewalks will occur prior to 2006 per DOT commitment. The objectives of this plan will be met.


The project was reviewed for compliance with CBJ 49.70.900, the Juneau Coastal Management Program. Provisions of the program do not apply to this project.


It is recommended that the Planning Commission adopt the director's analysis and findings, and approve the state project review to allow the repair and rehabilitation of the 2 roadways, including Old Dairy Road between Yandukin Drive and Glacier Highway and Glacier Highway between Mendenhall Loop Road and Egan Drive as shown in attachment A.