DATE: December 6, 2000

TO: Planning Commission

FROM: Heather Marlow, Planner
Community Development Department

FILE NO.: CSP2000-00014

PROPOSAL: State project review of the intersection improvement at Anka Street and
Glacier Highway.



Applicant: State of Alaska, DOT/PF

Public Roads: Glacier Highway, Anka Street

Project Length: Approximately 850 feet

Utilities: Public sewer and water

Surrounding Land Use:

North - Commercial

South - Industrial

East - Commercial

West - Industrial, Residential












Planning Commission
File No.: CSP2000-00014
December 6, 2000
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The Glacier Highway/Anka Street intersection exhibits capacity and safety constraints. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve the safety and efficiency of the intersection for all users. The project has previously been identified for development on the State Transportation Improvement Project list.

The current average daily traffic volumes are 1,600 vehicles on Anka Street and 19,000 vehicles on Glacier Highway. As projected for 2020, the average daily traffic volumes will be 2,500 vehicles on Anka Street and 30,000 vehicles on Glacier Highway.

This section of Glacier Highway is the singular pedestrian and bicycle link between the Downtown, Lemon Creek and Mendenhall Valley areas. The Capital Transit stop within the project area is heavily used in both directions.

With CSP20000-11 and VAR2000-43, the Commission has review and approved the relocation and upgrade of an existing sewage pump station and generator building in the project area.


The project area includes approximately 850 feet on Glacier Highway, between Tyler Rental and Tonsgard Court, and approximately 210 feet on Anka Street, between Jenkins Drive and Glacier Highway.

The project proposes to relocate the Alaska Communications Service driveway to a four-way alignment with Anka Street. The relocation will occur on land owned by the telephone company.

The project will install a stoplight, provide crosswalks and improve the transit stop facilities. Sidewalks in the project area will be reconstructed and expanded.

DOT/PF proposes the following construction limits for the project:

  1. Construction along Glacier Highway and all intersections will not be allowed between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM and between 4 PM and 6 PM during weekdays.
  2. Two lanes shall be maintained along Glacier Highway at all times.
  3. Construction shall be accomplished so that access to businesses remain accessible at all times.
  4. Planning Commission
    File No.: CSP2000-00014
    December 6, 2000
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    The contractor shall abide to the CBJ noise ordinance. Construction activities will not be allowed between the hours of 10 PM and 7 AM.

  5. Paved roadway surfaces along Glacier Highway and Anka Street shall be swept clean prior to shutting down operations at the end of each work shift or at the direction of the engineer if materials on the roadway surface create a hazardous condition.

DOT/PF has identified two available aggregate sources for the project, Stablerís Point and the CBJ Lemon Creek Gravel Pit. The Lemon Creek Pit is the most likely source for the project, but the project contractor will make the final decision. Conditions for gravel extraction from both sources have been established by previous conditional use permits.

The project is anticipated to be in an active construction phase between May and August 2001, depending upon weather and other logistics. The Commission has previously reviewed an overlay project for the Lemon Creek segment of Glacier Highway. The overlay project will also be in an active construction phase during late spring and summer of 2001. DOT/PF will be coordinating the activities of both projects.

Capital Transit will be implementing new half-hour service through the summer months of 2001. Discussions between DOT/PF and Capital Transit have resulted in an agreement to maintain service at the Anka Street bus stops. As a construction stipulation of the project requires that two lanes of traffic be maintained on Glacier Highway, disruption to transit schedules will be limited to reduced speeds through the project area.

The project will relocate two existing signs, owned by AEL&P and NBA. As the work will occur on private property and both signs receive electricity, a CBJ building permit and proposed site plan will be required for each sign.


The Lemon Creek segment of Glacier Highway accommodates a significant amount of traffic. As stated above, currently 19,000 vehicle trips a day occur in the vicinity of the Anka Street intersection. By comparison, there are about 23,000 daily vehicle trips on Egan Drive in the Lemon Creek area. Traffic congestion and safety considerations have been a concern for all user groups in this area. This project intends to better facilitate turning movements, transit operations and pedestrian crossings.






Planning Commission
File No.: CSP2000-00014
December 6, 2000
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Comprehensive Plan

The comprehensive plan references safety and congestion concerns for this area on page 88, in the local transportation system section. This section goes on to discuss the potential that Capital Transit service has for displacing vehicular trips and how improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities are needed to provide safer and more efficient movement between neighborhoods and activity areas, such as transit stops.

The plan provides two policy statements that support the scope of the proposed project.

Policy 4.2. It is the policy of the CBJ to promote a balanced,

well-integrated local transportation system which provides safe,

convenient and energy efficient access and facilitates the movement

of commodities.

Policy 4.3. It is the policy of the CBJ to promote and facilitate

transportation alternatives to automobiles as a means of reducing

congestion and air pollution and conserving energy.

State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

The proposed project has been identified on previous versions of the STIP list approved by the Commission and the Assembly.

Land Use Code

Several minor property acquisitions will occur with the project. As the surrounding parcels are zoned Industrial and General Commercial, relatively small lot area and lot dimension requirements apply. As proposed, the resulting lots and existing structures appear to conform with the required dimensional standards.

As two signs will be repositioned, CBJ staff will need to approve several details related to sight distance and orientation. A building permit is required for each sign to inspect the new electrical connection.


The project area contains .15 acres of wetlands. The access driveway for Alaska Communication Systems will be relocated through a portion of the wetland area. The effected wetlands within the project area are unmapped and have been identified by the Army Corp of Engineers to be under federal regulatory jurisdiction. The Corp has issued a nationwide permit for the project with conditions that support best management practices (see attached).

Planning Commission
File No.: CSP2000-00014
December 6, 2000
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The director finds the proposed Glacier Highway/Anka Street improvement project to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and the CBJ Land Use Code. There are several conditions necessary to address transit service and requirements of the CBJ Land Use Code. The project increases the safety of the area for all users and provides needed congestion relief, improved transit facilities and better pedestrian and bicycle crossing opportunities.


We recommend that the Planning Commission adopt the director's analysis and findings and approve the Glacier Highway/Anka Street project as proposed. The approval is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Maintain access to the inbound and outbound transit stops adjacent to Anka Street for the duration of the project.
  2. Prior to the relocation of private signs within the project area, submit proposed site plans to CBJ staff and obtain CBJ Building Permits for the electrical connections.