City and Borough of Juneau, 155 South Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska 99801



USE2005-00054 Seafood Processing Warehouse
JCMP_122705 JCMP Review of Public Draft

TXT2005-00002    Cottage Housing Ordinance

USE2005-00053   Miners Hall Modification

USE2005-00057   Miners Hall Modification

VAR2005-00061    Miners Hall Tidelands Expansion

JCMP_121305       JCMP Revisions Update *NO RESULTS


USE2005-00050 Northern Keta Caviar Building
USE2005-00051 ADF&G/NOAA Maintenance
TXT2005-00009 West Douglas Plan Amendment
USE2004-00073 Miller Construction Headquarters Yard
CSP2005-00009 Bayview Subdivision Forcemain
USE2005-00031 AK Glacier Seafood Modification
JCMP_112205 JCMP Revisions Update  *NO RESULTS


TXT2005-00002 Cottage Housing Ordinance *REMOVED
USE2003-00011 Duran Storage/Processing *DENIED
USE2005-00045 Lemon Creek Breeze In
VAR2005-00054 Lemon Creek Breeze In
VAR2005-00055 Lemon Creek Breeze In
USE2005-00073 Miller Const. Storage/Stockpiling *RECONSIDER
USE2005-00046 Pavitt Fitness Center


TXT2005-00002 Cottage Housing Ordinance *REMOVED
USE2005-00047 Office Building on Glacier Hwy
VAR2005-00050 Lot Width reduction on Long Run Dr.
MAP2005-00004 Hospital Sub. rezone to D-5
USE2004-00072 Driveway in Sherwood Ln. ROW
USE2004-00073 Stockpiles, Equipment Storage *RECONSIDER


TXT2005-00007 Seawalk Ordinance                         **CONTINUED**
MAP2005-00001 Auke Bay Rezone D-5 to WC
MAP2005-00007 Back Loop Road Rezone


SUB2004-00022 S. Lena Subdivision
VAR2004-00045 S. Lena Eagle Nest Tree Variance
SUB2005-00045 Huffman Harbor Subdivision


MAP2003-00003 Lemon Creek Zone Change
MAP2004-00003 Montana Creek Zone Change
MAP2004-00006 Montana Creek Zone Change
MAP2005-00005 Montana Creek Zone Change
MAP2005-00006 Montana Creek Zone Change
USE2005-00038 Reges Office in Residential
USE2005-00026 St. Vincent De Paul
USE2005-00029 St. Vincent De Paul
VAR2005-00052 St. Vincent De Paul



USE2005-00034 Fritz Cove driveway in a Right of Way
USE2005-00033 Dormer to 2nd floor and pitched roof
CSP2005-00008 Driveway access easemeent dedication
USE2005-00040 40' tower on Saddle Mountain
VAR2005-00016 Harris Plumbing variance to setbacks
VAR2005-00044 Panhandle front yard setback variance
USE2005-00032 Yaa Koos Gei Daakahidi alternative H.S.
SUB2005-00044 Lena Pt. Heights Final 22-Lot Plat
VAR2005-00031 Valley Medical Clinic parking requirement
CSP2005-00007 Utility easement dedication of driveway
CSP2005-00006 Utility easement dedication of driveway
USE2005-00030 Valley Medical Clinic with storage

















IMAGE-City and Borough of Juneau