City and Borough of Juneau
155 S. Seward Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
tel. 907-586-5240
fax 907-586-5385

Planning Commission

Documents for Regular Meeting on May 22, 2012

Supporting Documents

  • VAR2012 0009
    A Variance Request to reduce the rear yard setback from 15' to 14.3' to allow for a minor subdivision.
  • AME2012 0006
    A Text Amendment to update the Comprehensive Plan
  • CSP2012 0013
    A City project to fill gaps in the City sewer line along portions of Simpson Avenue and Douglas Highway near Lawson Creek
  • VAR2012 0005
    A Variance request to lot width, depth, and area, as well as density, to allow for a minor subdivision
  • Additional Materials

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