DATE:             February 26, 2002

TO:                 Planning Commission

FROM:          Chris Beanes, Planner
                        Community Development Department

FILE NO.:     USE2002-00005 - Conditional Use

PROPOSAL: An eighteen month extension of a conditional use permit, USE2000-00064, to build a 12 unit hotel.



Applicant:                             Juneau Hotel Properties

Property Owner:                   Juneau Hotel Properties

Property Address:                 PO Box 32399 Juneau, AK 99803

Legal Description:                 Tidelands Addition Block 58, Lot 10A

Parcel Code Number:           1-C06-0-K58-005-5

Site Size:                              5,165 Square Feet

Zoning:                                 WC, Waterfront Commercial

Utilities:                                CBJ Water and Sewer

Access:                                9th Street

Existing Land Use:                Vacant

Surrounding Land Use:         North - Juneau Douglas Bridge
                                            South - Commercial Office
                                            East - Vacant and Single-Family Residence
                                            West - City Shop


The applicant requests a conditional use permit extension of USE00-00064. The Conditional Use Permit allowed for construction of a 12-unit hotel near the foot of Douglas Bridge.


On October 4, 2000 Juneau Hotel Properties received Conditional Use Permit USE00-00064 (see Attachments A-G). This permit provided for construction of a 12-unit hotel on a 5,165 square foot lot in the waterfront commercial zone. Subsequently, construction hasn’t commenced on the proposed 12-unit hotel, due to, in the applicant’s words, "market conditions caused by the economic recession". Construction is anticipated when the local economy picks up, by mid 2002-2003. There are no requests to modify the proposed development, which has been reviewed, and meets current code requirements.


CBJ §49.15.250 provides the requirements for Development Permit Extensions, and is discussed below:



Per CBJ §49.15.250, Development Permit Extension, the director makes the following findings on the criteria for granting the requested allowable use extension:

  1. Was the application for the requested allowable use permit extension completed and received on time?
  2. Yes. We find the application contains the information necessary to conduct a full review of the proposed permit extension. The application submittal by the applicant, including the appropriate fees, substantially conforms to the requirements of CBJ code, Chapters 49.15 and 49.35. the permit application for this extension application, USE02-00005, was received prior to the permits’ expiration date.

  3. Has the applicant submitted justification for the permit extension?
  4. Yes. The applicant has submitted a letter stating that market conditions related to the current economy have slowed the need for new hotel rooms. The applicant states ""We plan to construct our project as soon as market conditions allow", with expected economic recovery by mid 2002 through 2003. Staff has determined that there have been no significant changes in the area proposed for new development.

  5. Is the extension within the allowable number of permit extensions?
  6. Yes. This is the first permit extension for USE00-00064.

  7. Have notices of the extension request been mailed to adjacent property owners at least ten days prior to the hearing and has a general notice been printed in a newspaper of general circulation at least two days prior to the hearing?

  8. Yes.
    Notices were mailed to adjacent property owners on February 15, at least ten days prior to the hearing. A general notice of the hearing was published February 15, ten days prior to the hearing.

    Per CBJ §49.70.900 (b)(3), General Provisions, the director makes the following Juneau Coastal Management Program consistency determination:

  9. Will the proposed development comply with the Juneau Coastal Management Program?

The proposed development was reviewed for compliance with CBJ49.70.900, the Juneau Coastal Management Program. The analysis reveals that hotels can be located in a waterfront zone providing they are water-dependent or water-related. This development is located upland from the waterfront, however, the views of the Gastineau Channel afforded by the location substantially meet the criteria for "water-related".



We recommend that the Planning Commission adopt the director’s findings and grant the requested Conditional Use permit extension. The permit would allow an 18-month extension of Conditional Use Permit, USE00-00064. The following condition continues to apply to the proposed development:

  1. All drainage facilities shall be designed to carry waters to the nearest practicable drainage way approved by the building official or other appropriate jurisdiction as a safe place to deposit such waters. Erosion of ground in the area of discharge shall be prevented by installation of non-erosive down drains or other devices. Building pads shall have a drainage gradient of 2 percent toward approved drainage facilities, unless waived by the building official.