DATE: January 2, 2002

TO: Planning Commission

FROM: Monique Wheeler, Planner
Community Development Department

FILE NO.: USE2001-00050- Allowable Use

PROPOSAL: An Allowable Use permit to change the use of an approximately 11,600 square foot manufacturing building to a warehouse.


Applicant:                             Jim Stewart, CBJ Engineering

Property Owner:                  City and Borough of Juneau

Property Address:               101 Mount Roberts Street

Legal Description:                 Alaska Juneau VI Lot 2B

Parcel Code Number:          1-C11-0-K12-001-3

Site Size:                             1.48 acres/64,507 Square Feet

Zoning:                                I—Industrial

Utilities:                              CBJ Water/Sewer

Access:                              Eastaugh Way

Existing Land Use:             Vacant Manufacturing Bldg.

Surrounding Land Use: Northeast - Rural Reserve-Vacant (Thane Road)
                                    Southeast - Industrial-Timberwolf Ventures
                                    Northwest - Industrial-AML Warehouse (Mt. Roberts Street)
                                    Southwest - Industrial-Rock Dump Climbing Facility


The applicant requests an allowable use permit to remodel an existing manufacturing structure, approximately 11,600 square feet in size, for use as a storage facility. The existing building was designed and constructed for modular home manufacturing (attachment A). An allowable use permit is required for the proposed change in use from manufacturing to storage. The applicant proposes to remodel the current building’s interior through completion of electrical, plumbing and carpentry work. Changes to the building’s exterior are minimal and consist of replacing two sliding doors with roll-up doors and sealing all other sliding doors.


CBJ§49.25.300, the Table of Permissible Uses, Section 10.210 designates storage within completely enclosed structures as an allowable use in an Industrial zone. Storage structures greater than 5,000 square feet require an Allowable Use Permit. The current structure was constructed for manufacturing and the new owner would like to convert the building from manufacturing use to a storage use by remodeling the interior.


Project Site – The site is 64,507 square feet in size, or 1.48 acres, and is zoned for Industrial use. The subject lot, 2B, has frontage on Thane Road to the northeast and Mt. Roberts Street to the northwest. IHH Industries constructed the existing building in 1998 for use as a manufacturing facility for modular homes under Allowable Use Permit USE1998-00006. The structure is approximately 11,600 square feet in size and the surrounding area is primarily developed with industrial uses or is undeveloped. A recreational climbing facility, "The Rock Dump," is located to the southeast of the lot across Eastaugh Way.

Project Design – The project’s scope consists of an interior remodel of the existing structure for use as a storage facility. The applicant intends to store dry materials and surplus in the building once remodeled. The work includes the addition of new exterior landings, ramps and aprons, and new exterior doors including large "rolling" doors. The building is primarily a one-story structure, measuring approximately 36 by 291 feet, with a smaller "bump-out" room on the building’s northeast side, measuring approximately 12 by 50 feet (attachment B). This smaller space houses the building’s restrooms and mechanical area, and has a second floor built above it to be used for additional storage. A ladder will be used to access the second floor. The project has been reviewed for setback compliance and meets the setback requirements for the Industrial zone.

Part of the remodeling process is to seal some of the existing doors. In its final state the remodeled building will have 3 person-sized doors and 2 large rolling doors, with 6 former doors sealed. The rolling doors are located at the northwest and southeast ends of the building, with two person-sized doors located on the structure’s southwestern side. The remaining person-sized door will be located on the northeast side of the building as access to the mechanical room. Please see attachments B and C for the door schedule.

Traffic – The project is not anticipated to generate a significant amount of traffic on nearby roadways since the applicant estimates it will be accessed approximately two times per week. The building’s access is via Eastaugh way.

Parking and Circulation – CBJ§49.40.210 requires one parking space per 1,000 square feet of storage space. Twelve parking spaces are required for this facility. Additionally, CBJ§49.40.210(b)(3)(A) requires buildings with 1-25 parking spaces to provide one wheelchair accessible parking space. Thus, one of the twelve required spaces must be accessible. It is required to be van-accessible per CBJ§49.40.210 (b)(3)(D), which states that "one in every eight accessible spaces, but not less than one, shall be served by an access isle with a width of at least eight feet and shall be designated van-accessible."

The applicant has submitted plans showing one "van-accessible" space eight feet wide and seventeen feet deep with an eight-foot isle as part of the building’s parking plan (attachment B). The applicant has also submitted plans that show an additional 11 parking spaces along the building’s southwest side (attachment A). These plans meet the building’s parking requirements.

Storage buildings between 5,000-24,999 square feet require one loading area not less than thirty feet by twelve feet, with an unobstructed height of 14 feet 6 inches as indicated by CBJ§49.40.210 (c)(1) and (2). The existing structure meets this requirement with a loading area at the northwest end of the building that measures seventeen feet nine inches wide, with a rolling door fifteen feet in height. The designated loading area can be outside the building and a fifteen-foot door is not required.

Landscaping - CBJ§49.50.300 requires 5% vegetative cover in Industrial zoning districts. The site has been landscaped in the past and vegetative cover remains. Shrubs and plantings are present along the border of Thane Road. This vegetative cover between the building and Thane Road and along Mt. Roberts Street fulfills the CBJ code requirement.

Exterior Lighting - Ten security lights are currently visible on the southwest side of the building which will illuminate the parking area. Construction plans describe eight security lights to be mounted on the northeast side of the building as part of the proposed remodel. The applicant has indicated that these will be directed downward so as not to produce glare on neighboring properties. At this time a specific model of light fixture has not been selected. Therefore staff is recommending a condition that prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy staff will inspect the light fixtures to insure that they do not generate off-site glare.

Signs - A separate permit process per CBJ §49.45 "Signs," requires that all signs proposed by the development be submitted to CDD staff for review and approval.

Juneau Coastal Management Program -
The proposed development was reviewed for compliance with CBJ §49.70.900, the Juneau Coastal Management Program. This analysis reveals that no provision of the JCMP applies to the proposed development.


CBJ §49.15.320 (e), Decision, states that the Planning Commission shall consider the allowable use permit application and shall review the Community Development Director's recommendation with respect to:

1. Whether the application is complete;

2. Whether the requested permit is appropriate according to the Table of Permissible Uses;

3. Whether the development as proposed will comply with the other requirements of this chapter; and,

4. Whether conditions are necessary for approval.

The commission shall approve the application and grant the permit unless it finds, by a preponderance of the evidence, that one or more of the criteria have not been met. In either case the commission shall adopt written findings setting forth the basis for its decision.

Per CBJ §49.15.320 (e)(1 through 4), Decision, the director makes the following findings on the criteria for granting the requested allowable use approval:

1. Is the application for the requested allowable use permit complete?

Yes. We find the application contains the information necessary to conduct a full review of the proposed operations. The application submittal by the applicant, including the appropriate fees, substantially conforms to the requirements of CBJ Chapter 49.15.

2. Is the requested permit appropriate according to the Table of Permissible Uses?

Yes. The requested permit is appropriate according to the Table of Permissible Uses. The use is listed at CBJ §49.25.300 section 10.210 "Storage within completely enclosed structures for the Industrial zoning district" and may be permitted with an Allowable Use Permit.

3. Will the proposed development comply with the other requirements of this chapter?

Yes. The proposed development complies with the other requirements of this chapter. A public notice sign was posted on the site 14 days prior to the meeting and notice was mailed to owners of record of all properties within 500 feet of the subject lot. Notice was provided in the Juneau Empire under Your Municipality, which ran on December 28th, 2001.

4. Are conditions necessary for approval of the requested allowable use permit?

Yes. Based on the preceding analysis, staff finds that a condition to insure off-site glare does not occur is necessary for approval of the requested permit. Therefore staff recommends that the following condition be added to this permit: Prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy, CDD staff will inspect exterior lighting fixtures to insure they do not generate off-site glare.

Per CBJ §49.70.900 (b)(3), General Provisions, the director makes the following Juneau Coastal Management Program consistency determination:

5. Will the proposed development comply with the Juneau Coastal Management Program?

Not Applicable. Based on the preceding staff analysis, it is found that no provisions of the Juneau Coastal Management Program apply to the proposed development.


It is recommended that the Planning Commission adopt the director's analysis and findings, and grant the requested allowable use permit. The permit would allow the remodeling of an approximately 11,600 square foot manufacturing building for use as a storage facility located at the intersection of Thane Road and Mount Roberts Street, with the following condition:

  1. The applicant shall submit to CDD staff a diagram or manufacturer’s design description of exterior lighting fixtures to insure they do not generate off-site glare prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.