DATE: February 19, 2002

TO: Planning Commission

FROM: Monique Wheeler, Planner
              Community Development Department

FILE NO.: CSP2002-00001

PROPOSAL: A City project review for a new 60' x 40' (2,400 square feet) shop with associated offices


Applicant:                  CBJ Engineering

Property Owner:        City and Borough of Juneau 

Property Address:     5433 Shaune Drive

Legal Description:     SSG, Lot 5

Parcel Code No.:     5-B12-0-102-005-0

Site Size:                  16,409 Square Feet

Zoning:                     I-Industrial

Utilities:                    CBJ Water and Sewer

Access:                   Shaune Drive

Existing Land Use:  Industrial

Surrounding Land Use: North - Industrial-CBJ Public Works
                                    South - Industrial-Analytica Labs
                                    East - Industrial-Alaskan Brewing Co.
                                    West - Industrial-Industrial Storage/Containers


The City and Borough of Juneau, Public Works Department, proposes to build a new metal building at 5433 Shaune Drive for shop and office use. Currently there are two buildings on site used by CBJ’s Public Works department for Water Utility services. An existing shed building will be removed for the construction of the proposed shop/office building (Attachment A). The new one-story building will provide 2,400 square feet of space including two offices, a mechanical room and shop space. Square footage to be dedicated as office space equals 420 square feet, the mechanical room covers 140 square feet and the remaining 1,840 square feet is shop space (Attachment B).

Access to the building will be through doors on the south face. Two overhead doors, measuring 12’x 14’ will provide vehicular access to the shop area and a person sized door is adjacent to the overhead doors. Interior doors provide access to office and mechanical space (Attachment B).

Project construction will begin in late February and will be complete by July 1, 2002. The building will be finished in fashion similar to the existing Water Utility buildings on site using compatible materials. Most development in the area is industrial in nature; the current proposal will conform to surrounding uses and architecture.


Analysis of the Water Utility shop proposal is based on review of CBJ planning documents and policies including the Comprehensive Plan, Title 49 Land Use Ordinance (including the Juneau Coastal Management Plan), and Capital Improvement Program documents.

Comprehensive Plan

Juneau’s Comprehensive Plan provides for the creation and maintenance of public and private utilities and facilities.

Policy 4.5 It is the policy of the CBJ to plan for the timely and efficient provision of an appropriate level of public facilities and services in all developed and developing areas of the CBJ.

Implementing Actions

4.5.3. Continue to utilize the six-year capital improvements program (CIP) which includes a list of projects to be funded during the coming fiscal year as well as those recommended for consideration during the subsequent five years. Annually review all previously unfunded project and new projects and extend the CIP an additional year.

The Comprehensive Plan also states:

"To support the nature and density of development envisioned in the urban service and new growth areas, enhance the quality of life, promote public health, and protect the environment, the CBJ should provide adequate water, sewer, storm drainage and earth retention facilities."

Thus, the proposed project conforms to Juneau’s Comprehensive Plan.

Capital Improvements Program

The project is listed in the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Years 2001 through 2006, Final Report. The document provides listings of projects by department as planned for the next five years. As such, the Water Utility building construction considered here is part of the Department of Public Works, Water Utility Division, titled, "Lemon Creek Facility Improvements." The project is described as "add(ing) needed storage and work space at the Lemon Creek Shop. Design of new shop and remodel of existing facility in FY01 for $100,000. New shop construction will be in FY01 for $160,000."

Land Use Ordinance

CBJ§49.25.300, Table of Permissible Uses, section 17.100 allows minor utility facilities in areas zoned Industrial. The current proposal is less than 5,000 square feet in size and therefore considered a minor development requiring department approval. Juneau’s Zoning Ordinance specifies the review of projects undertaken by the City.

The Planning Commission reviews new city projects and recommends approval or denial to the Assembly. CBJ§49.10.170(c) discusses the role of the Planning Commission concerning city project reviews:

The report and recommendation of the Commission shall be based upon the provisions of this title, the comprehensive plan and the capital improvements program.

Additionally, the project has been evaluated for compliance with appropriate zoning regulations, including setbacks and dimensional standards for the Industrial zone. The applicant has submitted plans showing 14 total parking spaces on site, including one that is handicapped accessible. Parking required for the new building equals three spaces: 420 square feet of office space require one parking space (one space per 300 square feet) and 1,980 square feet of industrial space require two parking spaces (one space per 1,000 square feet), per CBJ§49.40.210 (a). CBJ§49.40.210 (b) (3) (A) requires one accessible space for parking lots of one to twenty-five spaces and one accessible space is depicted on the site plan. The accessible space is van accessible, with an access isle of at least 8 feet, as required by CBJ§49.40.210 (D) (attachment a). Thus, the project’s parking requirement has been satisfied. Due to the proposed building’s size, 2,400 square feet, an off-street loading area is not required (buildings 5,000 square feet and larger require loading zones in the Industrial zone per CBJ§49.40.210 (c) (2)). The project is in compliance with zoning requirements.

JCMP Review

The Juneau Coastal Management Program, Chapter 49.70 of the City and Borough of Juneau’s Land Use Code, provides direction on development of Juneau’s coastal and waterfront areas. This project is not in a waterfront area or directly adjacent to an anadromous stream, and has been reviewed for compliance with JCMP regulations. The property is not located in a wetland area identified by the City and Borough of Juneau’s Wetland Management Plan Atlas, dated May 1994.

Enforceable policies of the JCMP include CBJ§49.70.925, Transportation and Utilities, which outlines policies and procedures regarding the design, development and location of such facilities. Section (f) stipulates that: "Transportation and utility routes and facilities shall be sited inland from beaches and shorelines unless the route or facility is water-dependent or no feasible and prudent inland alternative exists to meet the public need for the route or facility." The proposed Water Utility building complies with this policy.

Based on this analysis, the proposed project complies with the enforceable policies Juneau Coastal Management Program.


Upon review of the application material submitted, the CBJ Land Use Code (JCMP), the CBJ Comprehensive Plan and the Capital Improvement Project Plan, the director finds that the proposed Water Utilities Building project:

  1. Has a complete application that contains the information necessary for review.
  2. Complies with the provisions of the CBJ Land Use Code, including the JCMP.
  3. Complies with the general intent of the CBJ Comprehensive Plan.
  4. Has been included in the Public Works Capital Improvement Project Plan.



Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt the director’s analysis and findings and recommend the construction of a new Water Utilities shop/office building as part of the Public Works facility at 5433 Shaune Drive.