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Wellness Program Information:

The CBJ offers a health and wellness program that encourages employees to choose healthy lifestyles through educational presentations, competitions and special promotions such as low-cost blood screenings, disease and lifestyle management, flu shot, and other health and wellness activities and programs. Employees have access to a staff Wellness Coordinator to assist them and their families in designing a healthy lifestyle.


January and February Activities


  • Maintain, Don’t Gain: December 5th- January 15th. Commit to your healthy habits through the holidays to prevent extra weight from sneaking up on you. Join a team or do it solo. Watch for more details in emails. Participating will earn you15 points; maintaining your starting weight wiShonda Rhimesll earn you 20 points.
  • 7 Habits Refresher: Tuesday, January 17th, 12:15- 12:45 in BRH classroom 203b. All past 7 Habits of Highly Effective People participants and family are welcome to join in as we refresh ourselves on the 7 Habits, one at a time. This month is Habit 3- ‘Put first things first’. Join us to refresh your effective habits on time management and earn 5 HY points.
  • Shonda Rhimes Challenge- She is the creator of hit television shows like Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder. This challenge takes some cues from her 2015 book, ‘Year of Yes’ to help you focus on saying ‘yes’ to your social, career, family, and physical wellbeing. Contact Jess Brown in HR to register. Participants will earn 20 Health Yourself points for active participation in the challenge.
  • ComPsych Webinar on ‘The Power of Voice: Speech Techniques to Help you Be Heard’: Friday, January 20th at noon. Watch emails for registration information. (5 HY points) Click here to register.
  • Family and Friend Swim: Monday, January 23, 6-8pm @ the Dimond Pool. All CBJ and BRH employees are welcome to bring a friend or their family to come and swim, splash, slide, and sauna for free! (5 HY points)aqua aerobics
  • Aqua Aerobics: Saturday, January 28th, 9-10am @ the Dimond Pool. Join us for a splashin’ start to your weekend! RSVP to Jess Brown. (5 HY points)
  • Luge Huge: tentatively scheduled for January 28th or 29th, 2:45-5 @ Eaglecrest Porcupine area. Come sled with us and even try to master the cone course. No experience necessary. For employees, friends and family, age 10 and older; contact Jess Brown to RSVP for this event. (5 HY points)
  • ComPsych Webinar on Staying Connected: keeping the spark alive in your relationships: February 13th at noon. Watch emails for registration information. (5 HY points).
  • Holiday Massage: December- January. We know the holidays are stressful. In an effort to remind CBJ & BRH employees to take good care of yourselvesespecially during the holidays, Health Yourself will be bringing massage therapists on site tooffer benefited employees 10 minute chair massages. Take this time to let go of stress andreturn to work refreshed.
  • 5.3.1. Program @ CBJ: Mondays & Wednesdays 3:15-3:30, downstairs from HR. Take a quick break from your workday to unwind andrefreshyourselfwith meditation, gratitude, and acts of kindness. You’ll be amazed at what 5 minutes can do. Attending 5 in one month will earn you 10 HY points. meditation brain
  • 5.3.1 Program @ BRH: on Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays in BRH meditation room, Noon- 12:15. Gratitude, Meditation, and Acts of Kindness. Attend5 in one month to earn 10 points.


A note on the Health Assessment: This summer we had an evaluator look at where our wellness program can grow. One of the results indicated that our online health assessment is not telling us or you enough helpful information to improve the wellness of our employees and spouses. In light of this, the online assessment is no longer available. For those of you who have already taken it this year, you will receive those 25 points; for those of you who have not taken it since July and are earning 100 points toward the discount, you will be able to earn those 25 points either through other activities or with preventive visits to your doctor and dentist.



New! January Newsletter

Updated (as of 1/11) Activity calendar for FY17


Documents of interest:

  • FY17 "I'm Healthy" screening form to earn the $1300 discount on your health insurance premium
  • FY17 'Points' provider form- this year we are doing away with the health assessment and allowing you to earn 25 points from just going to your doctor and dentist- use this form to earn 25 easy points!
  • Health Yourself Fitness discounts
  • Fitness Journal- no specific dates (20 Healthy Reward Points)
  • EEOC notice- Our wellness program is designed to promote health, prevent disease, and support you in serving the public to the best of your ability. Participating is voluntary and all employee medical information is kept confidential.


Health Yourself Rewards Program July 2015-June 2016

Employees that participate and meet the requirements will receive a $50.00 per pay period discount off of their health insurance premium rate for July 2016-June 2017. There are 3 options you can choose from in order to receive the 2016-2017 discount.  The three options are:

  1. 'I’m Healthy' route—this route is for those employees who are already making healthy choices and don’t want to track activities. They can qualify for the discount by meeting certain thresholds for biometric screenings. Employees will fill out a physician screening form; have their healthcare provider review the information and sign the form AND provide proof of a dental cleaning. If an employee falls out of the desired range for one or more categories, but is managing it with their physician, they will qualify. Click here to find the "I'm Healthy" screening form.
  2. 'I’m Almost There' route—this route is for those employees that meet 4-5 of the thresholds above, but needs to work on 1-2 areas. These employees will need to provide proof of some activity that is leading towards improving the missed threshold(s) and show what they are doing to address this risk factor(s).
  3. Traditional 'Points' route—this route is for those employees who would rather earn 100 points for completing activities instead of completing the screening form with their doctor. These employees would need to complete the following requirements:
    1. Participate in the Health Yourself Blood draw or a draw with your doctor to check cholesterol and glucose (25 points)
    2. (Optional) Visit your doctor and dentist for preventive screenings and use this form to verify. (25 points)
    3. Participate in a combination of other Health Yourself Activities or use the fitness journal for the remaining 50 points. You can keep track of your points for your personal records using this tracking sheet.



Health Yourself Employee Newsletters

Health Care Clinics Accepting New Patients

Health Yourself Resource Library List

Vitamin D Presentation Notes

Vitamin D Handout by Justine Emerson


Other Employee Benefits

Fitness Center discounts and 10% Wellness Pass information- benefited employees and spouses are eligible for discounts to local and CBJ recreation facilities to help keep them healthy! Click here for more information.

Employee Assistance Program - ComPsych® has been contracted by CBJ to provide support, resources and information to employees and their family on a confidential basis, at no charge to you, as a company-sponsored benefit.

Employees and family members are encouraged to visit the ComPsych® website at https:// groWeb/portals/login.portal or talk with a ComPsych representative by calling 1-800-295-9059 (TDD: 1-800-697-0353). To set up an online membership or to speak with a Guidance Consultant, you will need to provide the following company ID: CITYJEAP2.

Premera Nurseline: 1800.841.8343 - This is the number for Premera's FREE 24-hour Nurseline. If you or a loved one is not feeling well, but you're unsure if it is an emergency, give the Nurseline a call. You will speak to a registed nurse who can provide around the clock health-care treatment recommendations for injuries or illness's or answer questions about health-related issues..


Wellness Program Email Contacts:

Employee Wellness Coordinator


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