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Wellness Program Information:

The CBJ offers a health and wellness program that encourages employees to choose healthy lifestyles through educational presentations, competitions and special promotions such as low-cost blood screenings, disease and lifestyle management, flu shot, and other health and wellness activities and programs. Employees have access to a staff Wellness Coordinator to assist them and their families in designing a healthy lifestyle.


Here are the remaining activities that you can use to earn your 100 Health Yourself points by the May 31st deadline.

(or if you have already earned the reward… you can enjoy them anyways!)

  • April- May Health Yourself Cooking Classes: Click here for more info; all classes are worth 5 points.
  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays 5.3.1 Program: @ BRH meditation room, Noon- 12:15. Gratitude, Meditation, and Acts of Kindness. Attend 5 in one month to earn 10 points.
  • Wednesdays in April & May Free Salsa Classes @ Suite 907 from 7-8:15. Join these free community classes where couples dance in a circle while somebody calls the next move so everybody is doing the same steps and you get to change partners and have fun!
  • Month of May Bike Everywhere Month. Form a team or ride solo to try and ride as much as you can this month! Learn more and join the challenge here and make sure to choose ‘City and Borough of Juneau’ as your organization. Earn 5 HY points for every 5 days you ride- up to 30 points.
  • Month of May Safety Challenge: what changes can you make to improve the safety of your workplace? Learn more and document these improvements here. 5-10 points total.
  • Fri 5/20 Bike to Work Day. Join the nation in commuting to work by pedal this day. Send a selfie with your bike to Jess for 5 points.
  • Tues 5/24 Canning 101 Lunch n’ Learn @ the downtown library, noon-1pm. Learn the basics of canning from a UAF cooperative extension expert to keep you safe and healthy! 5 points.
  • Wed 5/25 Pickling and Fermenting Lunch n’ Learn @ BRH classrooms, noon-1. Learn how to pickle vegetables, make kimchi and more from a UAF cooperative extension expert! 5 points.



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Activity calendar for FY16


Documents of interest:


Health Yourself Rewards Program July 2015-June 2016

Employees that participate and meet the requirements will receive a $50.00 per pay period discount off of their health insurance premium rate for July 2016-June 2017. There are 3 options you can choose from in order to receive the 2016-2017 discount.  The three options are:

  1. 'I’m Healthy' route—this route is for those employees who are already making healthy choices and don’t want to track activities. They can qualify for the discount by meeting certain thresholds for biometric screenings. Employees will fill out a physician screening form; have their healthcare provider review the information and sign the form AND provide proof of a dental cleaning. If an employee falls out of the desired range for one or more categories, but is managing it with their physician, they will qualify. Click here to find the physician screening form.
  2. 'I’m Almost There' route—this route is for those employees that meet 4-5 of the thresholds above, but needs to work on 1-2 areas. These employees will need to provide proof of some activity that is leading towards improving the missed threshold(s) and show what they are doing to address this risk factor(s).
  3. Traditional 'Points' route—this route is for those employees who would rather earn 100 points for completing activities instead of completing the screening form with their doctor. These employees would need to complete the following requirements:
    1. Participate in the Health Yourself Blood draw or a draw with your doctor to check cholesterol and glucose (25 points)
    2. Complete the online health assessment on Click here for instructions to help you get there. (25 points)
    3. Participate in a combination of other Health Yourself Activities or use the fitness journal for the remaining 50 points. You can keep track of your points for your personal records using this tracking sheet.



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Vitamin D Presentation Notes

Vitamin D Handout by Justine Emerson


Other Employee Benefits

Fitness Center discounts and 10% Wellness Pass information- benefited employees and spouses are eligible for discounts to local and CBJ recreation facilities to help keep them healthy! Click here for more information.

Employee Assistance Program - ComPsych® has been contracted by CBJ to provide support, resources and information to employees and their family on a confidential basis, at no charge to you, as a company-sponsored benefit.

Employees and family members are encouraged to visit the ComPsych® website at https:// groWeb/portals/login.portal or talk with a ComPsych representative by calling 1-800-295-9059 (TDD: 1-800-697-0353). To set up an online membership or to speak with a Guidance Consultant, you will need to provide the following company ID: CITYJEAP2.

Premera Nurseline: 1800.841.8343 - This is the number for Premera's FREE 24-hour Nurseline. If you or a loved one is not feeling well, but you're unsure if it is an emergency, give the Nurseline a call. You will speak to a registed nurse who can provide around the clock health-care treatment recommendations for injuries or illness's or answer questions about health-related issues..


Wellness Program Email Contacts:

Employee Wellness Coordinator


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