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Why Change?

The City and Borough Planning Commission is embarking on a public process to evaluate and make appropriate modifications to the Land Use Code. The intent of this process is to improve the code to:


The Commissioners are inviting interested members of the public to help in determining what code changes should be considered.  The current Land Use code dates back to 1987 with some sections of code dating back as far as the early 70’s.  Since then, the code has been frequently revised and amended, and definitions added.  These amendments and revisions have tried to keep pace with changing circumstances and needs, but the results have been a document that isn’t always clear to the developer, staff, and the public.


As can be seen by the goals listed above this proposed update to the Land Use Code is not intended to be a complete overhaul of the existing regulations.  Its purpose is to try to correct many of the existing problems with the code but not add major new sections.

For example, there will not be any significant changes to the zoning maps and their boundaries.  However we are proposing that a new set of zoning maps be adopted that are clear, easy to read, and show very current property lines. These maps will be kept up to date electronically and available for viewing on the Web.   [Draft Maps]

This is not to say that there won’t be any substantial changes to the Land Use Code itself.  One way to make the code more efficient and predictable is to streamline the steps required for permit approval.  One possibility will be to modify the Land Use Code so that more development permits can be approved within the Community Development Department rather than by the Planning Commission.   

The Table of Permissible Uses, which lists all the uses allowed in each zoning district and the type of permit necessary for approval, will be reviewed and updated.  Definitions will be reviewed and revised as part of this Code update.     

These are just a few examples of the many areas that will be considered as the CBJ seeks to fine tune and update the Land Use Code.


The Planning Commission has appointed a subcommittee to work on the Land Use Code update.  The committee is called the Title 49 Committee and is made up of four members of the Commission. The plan is to bring sections of rewritten code to the Title 49 Committee first, to the Planning Commission next, and finally to the Assembly Lands Committee, for their recommendations.   After all sections of the code have been reviewed, the final draft will be brought to the Assembly for adoption.   The Assembly will take the draft code up as a whole and rely on the recommendations of the subcommittees and Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission is currently working on Chapter 15, Article IV: Minor & Major Subdivisions, and a Draft Ordinance for Chapter 35, Public Improvements. Although these are the code sections currently being reviewed, you can comment on any section of the Land Use Code at the Comments page.



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