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Youth Sports - Indoor Soccer



The fee to participate in youth sports is $50 for the first two participants, while the additional third child fee is $15.  The late fee will continue to be $10.  The fee to sign up at the half way (and beyond) point of the season will be $30.  All Start Smart programs will be $35/child.



  • Registration Form - Click Here
  • Registration Information - check our website this summer for more details regarding our upcoming season!

2014 Timeline

  • There will be a special one-day-only registration! Saturday, August 16, from 9am-1pm at the Dimond Park Aquatic Centerl.  Registration continuing through August 29.

  •   LATE REGISTRATION after August 29 available as space allows - call for more information.
  • Coach Meeting: September 29 at 12pm in City Hall conference room 224 & September 30 at 6pm at Riverbend Elementary Library
  • Preseason Practices: October 4-10
  • Season: October 11-December 6
  • Post Season Tournament: November 24-December 6



JERSEY COLORS: Left Column/Visitors - Blue and Right Column/Home - White

  • Preseason Practice Schedule Master Game Schedule
    5-6 Valley Game Schedule 5-6 Town Game Schedule
    7-8 Valley Game Schedule 7-8 Town Game Schedule
    9-10 Town/Valley Game Schedule 11-14 Town/Valley Game Schedule



  • Coach List Rosters
    5-6 Town/Valley Rosters 7-8 Town/Valley Rosters
    9-10 Town/Valley Rosters 11-14 Town/Valley Rosters


  • Reschedule Notices 

Post Season Tournaments Schedules - now available

The team listed in the top half of each bracket will wear the white jerseys, the team listed in the bottom half will wear the blue. Please contact P&R if you are unsure how to read the brackets.  

  • 11-14 Tournament Bracket  (click here)
  • Rules (click here)




Special Information

Gyms Used

Gastineau, Marie Drake, Dzantik'i Heeni, Glacier Valley, Harborview, Floyd Dryden, Mendenhall River, Riverbend, Auke Bay and Thunder Mt. High School Aux Gym.

Ball Sizes

Ages: Ball Sizes:
Ages 5-10 Size 4
Ages 11-18 Size 5


EVALUATE YOUR CHILD'S COACH FOR THE 2013 SEASON: Click here for the link to the online evaluation form.  Thank you for your input. NOW AVAILABLE!


COACH'S EVALUATION OF YOUR TEAM FOR THE 2013SEASON: Click here for the link to the online team evaluation form (late Nov).  Thank you for your input. NOW AVAILABLE!