May 2, 2000


Assembly Chambers – City Hall

6:00 p.m.


  2. Meeting was called to order at 6:05pm

    Members Present: Alex Lukshin, Jim King, Joane-Herbage O’Keefe, Ken Dean, Jim Preston

    Members Absent: Katherine Gouyton, Paul Grossi, Jeff Wilson, Lynn Bartlett

    Staff Present: Kim Kiefer: Director, Diane Mastin: Secretary

  4. Robert Garrison – P.O. Box 20155, Juneau 99802

    Mr. Garrison expressed his concern of there not being enough quality cross-country ski trails in the community. Several trails were discussed all of which happened to be Forest Service trails. It was determined to bring this item back in September and possibly forming a collaborative meeting with the Forest Service and Trails Working Group.

III. APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Unanimously approved

IV. APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES - Unanimously approved




A. Pool closure – The anticipated opening is Monday, May 8, 2000 as previously scheduled.

  1. Jackson Parking Lot – The Neighborhood Associations, in the Blueberry Hills and Pioneer areas, in conjunction with the Parks & Recreation Department and the snowmobilers association have been meeting to hopefully resolve their differences. Ultimately, if the neighborhoods aren’t satisfied they can appeal to the Assembly.
  2. Proposition 3 Projects – Kim updated the Committee on the progress so far with regard to Dimond and Adair-Kennedy projects (the busiest projects at the current time).
  3. Kim will verify with Bob that Dave Pusich is being kept abreast of the field conditions at Dimond Park per request.

    Proposition 3 signs are only being displayed at sites with the larger projects.

    Joan asked if the $10,000 was still available for the archery club. Kim stated that the money was available and the archery club needed to submit a proposal.

    It was questioned if the Proposition 3 sales tax status was progressing as anticipated. Originally there was a shortfall of around $500,000 but presently the outlook seemed to be on par.

    It was suggested Jim Preston, our new Committee member, receive the new Proposition 3 list.

  4. 2001 CIP List – Kim gave updates of current projects:

Twin Lakes leakage was currently the most critical with an estimated $60,000 cost.

Second of importance, is Dimond Park Community Center. The first step will be to get public comment and this phase is estimated at $100,000.

The School District covered play areas are listed under Parks & Recreation but this will come out of the school budget.

Fish Creek master planning will begin this fall with the public and will be done in phases.

  1. Budget – Kim mentioned that the original $8 million deficit was looking better than originally anticipated and that the city gave the Assembly a balanced budget, but more will be known by May or early June.
  2. Attendance Sheet – Reminded members that in order to remain on the Committee they couldn’t miss more than 3 consecutive meetings and that the attendance sheet would be included each month.
  3. Park Celebrations – There will be two ceremonies taking place this fall. One at Adair-Kennedy and the other for the bridge crossing on the Mendenhall River. If any member is interested in participating in the planning please let us know. The main thrust will begin in July.
  4. Electronic Mail – The Committee approved the electronic mailing but stressed it be done in "Word" with a few additional packets brought to each meeting.
  5. Lynn Bartlett – She was appointed to the Passenger Fee Proceeds Committee along with Harley Clough, Don Habeger, Robert Spitzfaden, and Rick Kasnick.
  6. July PRAC meeting - Was scheduled to be July 4th. Since this is a holiday the Committee unanimously approved no meeting. If there were action items the meeting will be held on July 11th. The Committee will be informed by the end of June.

Dave Lewis the Manager of the pool will be at the June meeting.

It was requested that the date of the next meeting and upcoming agenda items be included in the minutes.

  1. Committee Reports

Alex reported that YAB academic and sports grants were for the most part completely funded.

IX. Chair Report - None

X. Director Report

Dan King moved to Wasilla.

XI. Ex-Officio Reports - None

XII. Adjournment:

Joan moved the meeting adjourn. Adjournment was at 7:00pm.