April 4, 2000


Assembly Chambers Ė City Hall

6:00-9:00 p.m.

  2. Meeting was called to order at 6:06pm

    Members Present: Alex Lukshin, Jeff Wilson, Jim King, Joane-Herbage OíKeefe, Lynn Bartlett, Ken Dean

    Members Absent: Jim Preston; Katherine Gouyton; Paul Grossi;

    Staff Present: Bob Grochow, Parks and Landscape Superintendent, Diane Mastin, Secretary; Donna Hatten, Administrative Assistant

  4. None

  6. Unanimously approved

  8. Unanimously approved

  1. Letter to Policy Committee

Alex: asked if the March 9th letter, nominating Lynn Bartlett to the Public Policy Committee, was distributed to the Assembly; Cathy Munoz, Assembly liaison, was in attendance and confirmed that it did. Ms. Munoz also informed the committee that the Assembly Human Resources Committee will address this issue at their first meeting in May, to nominate the five members, then will be forwarded to the full Assembly for official appointments. Ms. Munoz is in support of Ms. Bartlettís nomination.

Alex: then addressed draft letter in packet, regarding recommendation to Assembly to use passenger tax to fund other things besides harbor projects, i.e., UAS projects, educational research. The list of recommended activities was then discussed.

JIm King: his feeling is that tourists are here for recreation, just like the rest of community. He feels the PRAC members are experts in dealing with recreation, major portion of head tax should go to Parks & Recreation department. He also mentioned the ordinance complies with the letter.

Alex: confirmed with Ms. Munoz that the letter will be in the next Assembly packet. He also called City Attorney John Corso, to let him know Miami is putting new head tax on, based on how many days cruise is, tax is used on whatever they want.

Ms. Munoz: the attitude in our legal department has changed since original concept out, she feels they are looking at it more liberally.

Alex: Iíll always let them know whenever new head tax goes into effect around the country.

King: made motion to approve letter; seconded and adopted with unanimous consent.


  2. A. Chicken Yard Park - Update

    Bob: staff held meeting in downtown library; most here were in attendance; prepared scale drawing of the park, minus play equipment that is there now. Also prepared cutout of existing structure there, including safety zone requirements, another cutout including swing set with safety zone, etc. Kids and adults were there, tinkering with locations and types of equipment. They realized the swing set was space consumptive, only accommodated two kids using it at a time. Folks at the meeting didnít want to sacrifice space and restrict general use, debated eliminating play structure or swing set; instead, they decided they preferred the play structure vs. the swings. Capital and Cope Parks both have swing sets. Bob described the location of the play structure.

    For smaller kids, issue was the play structure placement with safety zones, corners of safety zone area not needed, maybe build elevated sand boxes, with wooden caps to be used as bench tops. Serves two purposes, retaining wall and sitting area.

    Along with the repairs of fence, Parks & Recreation is looking at fence posts set in wall structure, on the down hill side. Sit on top of wall, material is settling, posts set in concrete and plastic pipes, research needed from fence contractor/engineer for ideas. Failing gabian wall material, along edge; defeats purpose of fence.

    Two projects could happen independently.; hope to schedule this summer.

    Alex: asked about the Basketball backboard; Bob assured committee it is being replaced, although so far nothing found that will fit. Possibly a local firm can fix.

    Alex: then asked which school uses Chicken Yard Park. Bob: the Charter School occasionally uses it, although they were not in attendance. He said they hope to get drawings out to all users, neighbors.

    Jeff: replace play structure?

    Bob: replied just will move it, itís free standing.

    Jeff: Build wood chip?

    Bob: itís not decided on material to use.

    Jeff: asked if funds available to do now; Bob replied that they were available.

    Jeff: will check out structure and pass on information to Charter School.

    Bob: discussed the gabian wall structures in Marine Park; said they are failing. Discussion about this type of structure.

    Joan: commended staff for creativity to work with neighborhood to problem solve, when group was at meeting originally.

    Lynn: seconded, and said good example of government and public working together.

    Unanimous: compliment to staff.

    B. Dimond Park Ė Update :

    Bob: updated committee. Last week, Gold Rush group began work on site; cleared 2.5 acres, removed stumps, etc. Shipped most of cottonwood to Ketchikan to similar event to be used for logging competition. CBJ keeping all spruce, to be used for park purposes and gold rush competitions. Hoping to get started burning, hasnít happened; Bob to talk to Gold Rush folks, but said itís a good start. Good sanding material, new ballfield and gold rush should have good drainage. Next week, may see work begin on bridge across Mendenhall River. Miller Construction is doing most of prep work.

    First of June, contractor will begin working on covered play area. Back parking lot will be eliminated and replaced with larger parking lot. Should accommodate more vehicles, further walk for field users. Will be busy summer with work continuing.

    Alex: back parking lot closed before softball? Bob indicated it will stay open till contractor begins work, approximately the beginning of June. Wonít be closed until the front lot expansion finished.

    Jeff: the front lot completion date is estimated to be the middle of May.

    Alex: will talk to JSA, so they can plan activities. He asked if there was a schedule out which will summarize the summer work, especially for ball field users. Bob: good idea, will put a summary together.

    Lynn: especially make sure JSA knows as soon as possible. She indicated Dave Pusich is the contact person for JSA, can help coordinate this.

  3. Alex added item: asked for an update on the pool closure; he heard that all equipment was not in place, worried about another lengthy closure. New Lights required.
  5. No committee reports

  7. Alex: updated group on status of the Youth Activity Grants; said they are in the middle of evaluating proposals, ranking and public process will occur next week. He will let the committee know final outcome at next meeting.


Electronic Packets: Since Kim Kiefer was not in attendance, this issue was briefly discussed. The rest of the committee will need to be polled.

Those in attendance:

In favor of receiving electronic packet material if/when available: Alex; Ken, Joan, Lynn

Not in favor: Jeff said he was OK with receiving it electronically, but still wants a hard copy available. Jim King has no computer, needs to continue having packets mailed.



ARPA ballot Ė Alex passed out; everyone in attendance responded to ballot, returned to Donna Hatten to submit to ARPA by deadline.

Final comments:

Lynn: talked about the stands at Adair-Kennedy Park, said they look wonderful and she continues to receive very positive comments.

Bob: indicated the lights are up, that itís just a matter of getting the wiring in. The conduits are in, but the contractor is waiting for change on switch boxes, exterior for both. Will replace with steel boxes.

Lynn: she didnít see a Prop 3 sign up.

Bob: there probably wasnít one up then. He will check and put up if not there. He further briefed the committee on the other Prop 3 signs that are up in the area.

Joan: asked Cathy Munoz for updates: Cathy reported that the Trails Working Group met today, working through all public comments. She indicated they are finalizing the recommendations to be sent to the Assembly and user agencies, for commercial and non-commercial trails, in the borough. She said it has been a positive process, working with staff and TWG members.

Lynn: lots of comments in Empireís "Word of Mouth" regarding allowing horses at Montana Creek. Did the word get out that itís USFS and not CBJ?

Cathy: asked Bob about ROW at stable site.

Bob: the trail at Montana creek, where vehicular use ends, horses would continue on; that is an old DOT road, controls that segment. USFS & DOT continue discussions on use.

Joan: thanked Cathy Munoz for work on TWG; saying it makes PRAC work easier when dealing with permits.

Cathy: TWG strived to create balance to accommodate all users.

Joan Ė realizes costs to mail the surveys, but felt it was good to get out to everyone, affording the opportunity to vote, said it was a good approach.

Cathy: the results of survey critical in making determinations. Two-thirds of respondents supported commercial activity; unanimous feeling that people didnít want ridges developed to helicopter use. Primary areas of concern: Eaglecrest, Treadwell & Perseverance. People put lot of time/effort in filling out surveys. Approximately 800 respondents.


Joan: moved to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm.