Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

October 3, 2000


Juneau Douglas High School Library


Roll Call

Meeting was called to order at 6:03pm

Members Present: Alex Lukshin, Lynn Bartlett, Jeff Wilson, Jim King, Joan-Herbage O’Keefe, Ken Dean, Jim Scholz

Members Absent: Paul Grossi, Jim Preston

Ex-Officio Present:  Cynthia Lagoudakis

Staff Present: Kim Kiefer, Diane Mastin

Public Testimony on Non-Agenda Items – None

Approval of  Agenda – Unanimously approved

Approval of Minutes – August minutes were unanimously approved.

Action Items

Potential redesignation of Natural Area Parkland- The Director gave an overview of the proposed request, spoke about the other organizations currently in the area.    Kim also explained that this request isn't unique because Fish Creek, Dimond Park,  Rotary Park and Twin Lakes were past quarries.  She also asked that people speaking not focus on noise or traffic impacts because this issue was only to determine if the land in question was going to get approved for redesignation for 15 years. 

The following people gave testimony:

Susan Haystrom, 16585 Harbor Way

President Juneau Community Garden Assn.  Susan was speaking for herself and is concerned that Secon would be operating for 16 hours a day, the road was to narrow to accommodate the large trucks and there were no sidewalks available for the many people who used the road for nonvehicular use.

Tom Boutin, Box 32444, Juneau

Juneau Gun Club - The club has 200 members and currently leases land from CBJ.  Tom stated the gun club was not opposed and that the club can see a potential for many good uses if the project were approved.

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Michelle Kaelke, 9723 Trappers Lane

The Assembly passed an ordinance, in 1996, that the land be used as a natural area park.   If this was approved why is it being readdressed?  The reason most people moved to the area was because it is rural and by redesignating the area it would create a tremendous impact on the 200 current and 60 anticipated new residents.  She is also concerned that the 16 hour days for 15 years would not be compatible with fishing and hiking in the area.

Kim Titus, 4638 River Road

Mr. Titus has two concerns.  One being that the privatization of a public trust resource was being sold to the highest bidder.  The other concern is that there are numerous trails that he uses for running and birding and questions what effect this would have on those activities.

Jay Johnson 9180 Wolfram Way

He is a builder in the area.  Mr. Johnson does not want to see the park redesignated.  He questioned the need for another quarry and asked where the material was going to be used and for what purpose.

The Director explained that the population has changed since the original Comprehensive Plan was completed in 1996 and that is why the department notifies the different neighborhoods when a potential change might occur to get their feedback.

Mark Kaelke, 9723 Trappers Lane

Mr. Kaelke is a fly fishing guide and he is concerned about the long range of time and what the environmental impact will be to the adjacent streams for the trout and salmon.

Bob Spitzfaden, 4627 Savolte Circle

Mr. Spitzfaden opposes the quarry and that this area has been designated for 6 years as a passive recreation area.  He mentioned that many people use the road for biking, hiking and running and questions what effect this will have with the increased activity.  Also, currently you can hear the echoes from the gun club and he wonders about the echoes from the quarry noises.  He also mentioned that many people climb Mt McGinnis and questioned whether they will be able to see the pit.

Tish Forrest5815 Montana Creek Rd

Ms. Forrest is opposed to the quarry because her house would be directly across from the quarry.  She also mentioned that the area was unique because of the many people who used the area for horseback riding, bikes, hunting and hiking.

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Catherine Pohl, Fish & Game

Ms. Pohl mentioned that she was requested by CBJ to assess the area and report on how the area might be impacted by the quarry.  Her concerns were:

There appears to be not enough room for a settling pond between the gun club and road.

The map that was given is inaccurate and she didn't have a copy the new one.

Montana Creek is a very valuable escapement for Coho's and other fish and there wasn't the required 200' setback between road and stream.

The area is possibly the most valuable fishing area in the city because of its location to the road system.

She also mentioned this is a corridor for bear and other wildlife and personally witnessed five different bear beds in the area.

Ruth Danner, 1028 Arctic Circle

Ms. Danner talked about the echo chamber that currently exists in the area. She also calculated that given the contour of the land and that approximately 100 loads per day would be removed, and she believes it would take more than 15 years to remove all the material.

Brad Elfers, 410 St. Ann's St., Douglas

Owns fishing shop and gets a lot of feedback from people about the various spots to fish.   Montana Creek is by far the most popular with Steelhead, Chums and Coho's.  This area is especially good for people who want a day trip without a guide.

Nathan Zahnd, 5120 Blueberry Lane

He was speaking for his two children who would like to see the wilderness experience retained.  He also feels there would be too much noise.

Jeff Morehouse, 152 Behrends Ave

This area is used commercially by Auk Ta Shaa Tours.  They view this as  industrial use, in a non-industrial use area.  This is close to Mendenhall Glacier and he believes people would be able to hear and see from the glacier and this would detract from the experience.

Sue Zahnd, 5120 Blueberry Lane

Ms. Zahnd is a newcomer to Alaska. She mentioned that many people use Skaters cabin and the Mendenhall Glacier for various ceremonies and activities. This area is known throughout the world and that allowing the quarry would detract from this experience.

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Cheryl Van Dyke5501 Thane Road

Director of Watershed Project

Ms. Van Dyke wasn't there on official Watershed business but was there because the organization is concerned about the water quality in the Mendenhall Valley.  She would like to be added to our mailing list.

Mal MenziesR&M Engineering, representing Secon

Mr. Menzies tried to answer some of the questions that arose during the public testimony.  Secon use to own the land that is currently sited for NOA.  This land had approximately 1 million cubic yards of material left.  Currently material of this caliber (capable of making asphalt rock) is being barged in from Haines for Egan Road repair. There are only two other sites that have comparable gravel, Stablers Pt and Montana Creek.  It was also mentioned that the "crushers and blasting" would not be on a continual basis.  Also Secon does plan to add a pedestrian corridor.  Glacier Lands did a noise study and it met with CBJ policy.  Stablers Pt was not selected because Miller Construction is currently using the area and it creates an eyesore to the community.  Also mentioned was the fact that Secon planned to leave the area with a 5% slope to blend with the area and be usable for future use.

Joan O'Keefe Motioned to not approve the re-designation of the land.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Alaskan Territorial Bush Pilots Memorial- Lynn Bartlett brought before the board a Motion to allow the memorial in Juneau and that it be placed along the wharf.  The Motion was unanimously approved.  The Board also suggested it be placed and secured to allow for moving in the event there was further construction along the wharf.

Review renaming of Favorite Park- The name of Favorite Park was never submitted to the assembly for approval.  After some research Amalga Meadows seemed more appropriate.   Joan O'Keefe  Motioned   to rename Favorite Park to Amalga Meadows and to submit to the Assembly. The Board unanimously approved.  Jim King volunteered to do some research about the area for the upcoming Comp Plan.  He will call before the next meeting to possibly set up a teleconference at the next meeting.

Discussion Items

Urban Forestry – Big trees being cut down vs cities right of ways – The Director mentioned that Terry Hinkley, Landscape Supervisor, was currently attending a meeting to learn about current trends.  She suggested Terry come talk to the board in November to discuss some of the ideas that he learned plus brief everyone regarding the Urban Forestry Committee meetings and grant.  The Committee requested Mr. Hinkley attend the November meeting.

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Information Items

Fish Creek Planning meeting October 19th at Downtown Library, large conference room, 7pm.

B.   Adair Kennedy Field - Lynn informed the board that so far there were not any injuries to players with regards to the field.  It was suggested a 4' fence be added.

Jeff Wilson mentioned that Gastineau Ave was being upgraded and he wondered if a park could be added.  Kim will research the request.

Committee Reports- None

Chair Report – None

Director Report

The Director reported Dimond Park Bridge was still not done and was behind schedule.  Bypass fields weren't complete either.   She will be asking for a May 1 completion date so fields can be used next summer.

Commercial Use applications - none received by 4:30 in our office.


The Planning Commission declined the permit for the Malick property.  Parks & Recreation still want to put up signage in the area.  The family who owns property on the point is interested in selling.  It is appraised at $215,000.  CBJ will be sending a letter telling people we are trying to find a funding source. 

Ex-Officio Reports – In conjunction with Saga the Forest Service has been busy  in Montana Creek and Windfall Lake rebuilding bridges.  The 2001 helicopter noise study is not complete.  The Forest Service is considering extending the hours because of the commercial use and possibly not charging at the glacier in winter. They are also considering adding activities at the camp ground.

Adjournment – Adjournment was at 8:25