Meeting Minutes

October 5, 1999

Juneau-Douglas High School - Library

6:00-9:00 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. by Dan King, Chair.

  2. Members Present: Dan King, Ken Dean, Jeff Wilson, Kay Gouyton, Alex Lukshin,
    Joan Herbage O’Keefe, Paul Grossi

    Members Absent: Lynn Bartlett, Jim King

    Staff Present: Kim Kiefer, Parks and Recreation Director, Bob Grochow, Parks
    and Recreation Superintendent, Cristi Herren, Recreation Superintendent, Monique Hickey, Secretary

    Ex-Officio: no members present

  4. Matt Robus, PO Box 240181, Douglas AK 99824. Mr. Robus is the Chair of the Glacier Swim Club and President of the Board. He was present to express his concerns and support for a second pool in Juneau. He referred to the meeting that was held in April of 1998 where there was talk about a new pool. He emphasized the need not only for a new pool, since the current pool is so heavily used, but also a new pool that can accommodate a competitive swim program. He stated that he has heard about plans for a "play" pool or "wade" pool other than competition-focused. He stated that you can have fun in a pool with lane lines. He heard that some consultants were coming to town and he wanted to make sure the swim team’s opinion was not overlooked. He encourages the PRAC and the CBJ to focus on all user groups when planning a second pool in Juneau.

    Alex Lukshin asked him if the pool closure affected his program this year and Matt replied that the pool closure dramatically impacted his program, stating that usually they have 120 kids register and they only had 53 kids on registration day this year.

    Jeff Wilson asked Matt if he has gone to the Assembly with this message. Matt replied that they have not, and that the purpose of the group showing up this evening was to make sure their concerns were heard as to what kind of a second pool Juneau should have.

    Matthew Fishel, PO Box 35543, Juneau AK 99803. Mr. Fishel agreed with Matt that Juneau needs a second pool, and one that can accommodate a competitive swim program. He wanted the PRAC to know that they are vitally concerned with the next pool, and he would like to build a base of support and wants to get on board with the PRAC.

    Karen Lawfer, 2765 John Street, Juneau AK 99801. Ms. Lawfer stated that she is the mother of a competitive synchronized swimmer as well as the mother of a purely leisure swimmer. She believes a second pool is needed for access reasons. She believes the unified plan should include all of the community needs that were addressed at the April 1998 meeting. She stated that the wishes of both the users and the non-users of the pool need to be looked at when the planning process for the second pool takes place.

    Michael Miller, 6737 Gray Street, Juneau AK 99801. Mr. Miller is concerned that the public be involved with the planning process of a second pool. He believes a second pool would help expand swim lesson opportunities, allow for more clubs and groups, create more deck space, provide closer access to a pool for a large portion of the community, increase access for the glacier swim club, allow for more rehabilitation programs, provide a better schedule and more support for special training, accommodate the high school swim team, increase city revenues, increase spectator seating, and improve neighborhood outreach for the community. He is very concerned that the public be involved in the planning process, and he is interested in having a committee formed. He’s concerned about the planning process and the possibility of only a leisure pool being considered. He believes that the new pool should accommodate a competitive swim program. He feels that a competitive swim program enables student athletes to move on and get their education via scholarships. He also feels that this would generate a lot of income for the city and that the impact to local merchants should be considered when planning.

    Kim Kiefer clarified that the meeting that was held in April 1998 was a Dimond Recreation Center meeting, not just a meeting about a new pool in Juneau. Dan King asked if the Glacier Swim Club has put together a cost analysis and plan of what they want built. Matt Robus responded that they haven’t, but would be interested in doing so.

    Christine Tait, 1890 Glacier Highway, Juneau AK 99801. Ms. Tait stated that she had heard rumors about a leisure pool being planned as the second pool in Juneau and that a feasibility study is currently being conducted. She stated that she was the one that took the initiative to get these people here tonight. She is the coach of the synchronized swimming team, and she stated that in order for the program to grow, another pool is needed in the community. She asked that the public be informed and public input sought while planning the second pool.

    Jan Rumble, PO Box 33336, Juneau AK 99803. Ms. Rumble stated that she is the head coach of the high school swim team, as well as assistant coach of the Glacier Swim Club and Master’s Swimming. She too has heard about a second pool being planned that won’t accommodate a competitive swim program. She feels that the current pool is overcrowded and is amazed with how much goes on at the pool. She feels that the Masters Swimming program could be expanded if there were more time options offered at the pool. She too stated that the pool closure has affected her season.

    Lauren Dickey, 800 F Street H-1, Juneau AK 99801. Ms. Dickey stated that her 80-year old mother uses the pool to swim laps and she is dissatisfied with the times that are offered to senior citizens for pool use. She stated that in other communities of Juneau’s size they have more than one pool and feels that Juneau could use another pool. She too believes that the second pool should accommodate many aquatic activities, including 6-8 lanes and 25-50 meters long to accommodate a competitive swim program.

    Public Testimony Closed

  6. The agenda was unanimously approved.

    1. September 7, 1999

The minutes were unanimously approved.

    1. Douglas Harbor Master Plan
    2. Dick Somerville of Peratrovich, Nottingham & Drage and Jim Heuman, Civil and Geotechnical Engineer were present to give a brief presentation on the Douglas Harbor master plan. Goals and objectives for the project are to expand the upland parking, to expand harbor moorage, to improve pedestrian access, and to improve boating access to water and ramps both for trailers and non trailers. The budget for the project is 3.7 million. PRAC members were concerned with the impact to the Sandy Beach area since the new parking area on the causeway extends 250 feet. Bob Grochow stated that he wasn’t comfortable with the island separating Savikko Road and the safety of the bike lane. There was also concern about the new causeway parking lot obstructing the view from Shelter #1. It was noted that within the last 48 hours the focus of the project has changed and the engineering firm has been given a new direction for the project. Due to this change, the PRAC did not make a motion on the item, but is waiting until the new details have been presented to them. It was noted that the Harbor Board will be meeting on October 14th to discuss the changes.


    3. Historic Resources Advisory Committee

Cristi Herren, Recreation Superintendent, stated that, under the current structure, the PRAC acts as the advisory committee for the City Museum. However, she was present to request that the Historic Resources Advisory Committee take over as the advisory committee for the City Museum. She supported this request by stating that the Historic Resources Advisory Committee is currently underutilized by the Community Development Department, and this committee has members with expertise, interest and knowledge of local historic places and artifacts. It was noted that the PRAC has a lot on their plate and that the Historic Resources Advisory Committee seemed better suited to advise the museum in areas of the museum collection, donations, recommendations on purchases, advising on deaccessioning objects from the museum, topics for exhibits, financial operations, rental and admission fees, gift shop, grant writing, fundraising, and long-range planning. If the switch was approved, the Historic Resources Advisory Committee would report back to both the Director of Parks and Recreation, as well as the Director of Community Development with Mary Pat Wyatt, Museum Curator representing Parks and Recreation and Gary Gillette representing Community Development. It was noted that currently Kim Kiefer, Cristi Herren and Mary Pat Wyatt make the decisions that effect the museum and they often feel compelled to seek the assistance from the State Museum.

Dan King responded that he doesn’t see an overwhelming amount of time requested of the PRAC for museum issues. He also stated that he doesn’t support an advisory committee that would have to report back to two departments. He also stated that if the museum did start coming in front of the PRAC more often, and if the PRAC did start getting bogged down, then they would consider rolling over the duties to another advisory committee. Kay Gouyton also stated that she was opposed to the switch because she would like to see the PRAC be more involved with museum issues and she worries that if it is taken away from the PRAC, it will be taking a piece of the Parks and Recreation puzzle away and will initiate a breakdown of duties.


    1. Skate Park Review

This item was postponed until the November 2, 1999 PRAC meeting.

  2. Alex Lukshin, PRAC liaison to the Youth Activities Board, stated that a lot of contingency requests are sought for travel outside of Juneau by various athletic clubs, and he feels that it takes money away that could and should be spent in Juneau. He stated that the city of Juneau is developing champions, and the city now has to come up with ways to fund these programs so they can continue on. Kim Kiefer stated that the contingency funds are supposed to run out every year, but that last year all of the money was not used and, therefore, the percent allocated to the contingency fund was reduced.

  5. Dimond Recreation Center Needs Assessment workshop scheduled for October 14th. Committee made up of 12 people and Dan King will be the PRAC representative at the workshop.

    Mendenhall River Pedestrian Crossing goes to the Planning Commission on October 12th.

    Huffman Harbor/Rocky Point/USS O Land Exchange will be in front of the assembly on November 1st.

    Pipeline Skate Park neighbors were notified that there would be an amplified music event on September 25th. However, not all of the neighbors received the letter. The mailing list is being updated.

    Proposition 3 Updates:

    Field lighting for Adair Kennedy and Melvin Park. Prebid meeting scheduled for October 12th – closes end of October and work hoped to be completed by May 2000.

    Artificial turf at Adair Kennedy. RFP is out and proposals are due by October 22nd. Completion date hoped for August 2000.

    Treadwell Historic Mining Area. A master plan for this historic area will be completed by March 2000. Joan Herbage O’Keefe stated that she would like to see the current tree cutting policy in regards to not limbing trees for viewplanes stay in place.

    Duck Creek. Bob Grochow and Jonathan Mollick were recognized for their contributions on this project.

    Sigoowu Ye Park. Juneau Rotary contributed $7,000 for new play equipment in this park and is currently being installed.

    Steamship Wharf/Marine Park improvements. This will be a focus of the PRAC retreat scheduled for October 16th.

    Commercial Use applications. Public comment meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th. The meeting is advertised to start at 6:30, but PRAC members are asked to come at 6:00 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.